Born again

A man shrinks into a boy walking backwards into water, growing cords that attach him to the body of his mother.

Curling into the shape of a fetus, he kicks against the sac that keeps him alive. From conception he revolts against his own body.

Back in the body of his father he hangs loosely to spermatic cords that threatens his existence: a wild oat to be sown into

strange bodies or flushed down the drain in self-loathing.

A man is never whole in his body till he finds his way back into himself.


4 thoughts on “Born again

  1. ‘Born again’ seems kinda like a reversal of the aging process and pretty reminiscent of the Holywood Blocbuster titled ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ whereby Brad Pitts character was seen to have been born old and died off so young. Creepy that! 😁

    I love the picture you painted here Doc and especially those final lines…deep, dripping of unspeakable wisdom!

    ‘Born again’ is a great offering and a start to a super spanking new blogging season, welcome back Doc and a very happy new writing season’s wished ya. 😉😀


    1. Thanks Yemie Interesting analogy, the movie you referenced. And while this poem doesn’t relate to a reversal in physical form, it does make it even more interesting, the reverse maturation theme.



  2. “A man is never whole in his body till he finds his way back into himself.”

    We are never complete till we find our way back to our roots.
    We remain fragments of a whole till we retrace our steps, return to where it all began.

    Beautiful poem, sir. Keep ’em coming.

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