Christmas Again?


Christmas Again is an anthology of stories about the reason for the season – Christ.

A collection of stories masterfully woven by fine writers including the very versatile and super talented DrSwag and edited by Chimeka Garricks.


The anthology is just off the press, and like freshly baked bread, it’s best eaten while piping hot. The aroma is making me salivate already.

I just got my copy and I rushed here to share with you guys

It’s a good companion this holiday season, to remind us of what and who we are celebrating; remind us to be thankful, to show love and kindness to those around us, and it gives hope for the coming year and beyond

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing sneak peeks into the stories

But for now, I’m just going to curl up on my couch, with my phone and a bottle of Coke, and get lost in these amazing stories.

Join me folks


There is a secret in there that I didn’t tell you…. find out for yourself.

Click the link below to download your copy. You’ll need a PDF reader.



Seasons Greetings!



When you are done reading, please do share with me your favorite story and why.


This should be fun!


Link to PDF


4 thoughts on “Christmas Again?

  1. It’s always nothing short of exciting and a pretty remarkable feat when Creatives get together and share of their individual giftings with the world. I say a big thanks to y’all and pray too that your inks….they flow on endlessly. I’ve gotten me a copy and will do the needful. 😀

    Happy Holidays 🎅🌲 to you and all of your adorables Doc, may all of the joys of the most magical season of the year find y’all and may y’all have a most memorable Yuletide celebration IJMN, AMEN. 😇😃 Enjoy!!!! 🍸😄


    1. Happy Holidays to you Yemie. And to all your loved ones Thank you for always supporting the arts, and me in particular. Your support means a lot. Your consistency in dropping meaningful, well thought out, and academic-esque comments, serve as motivation for me to write consistently too. As this year rolls, I just want to say: Thank you – for another year of your amazing awesomeness. Merry Christmas in advance! And please do let us know your favorite story in the anthology



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