Never trust a smile

(For Laura)

Never trust a smile
That little line
Curving upwards,
Lifting your spirit;
That half-moon promising
Light for your dark

Don’t you know that a smile
Is the deadliest weapon
Of the wily?
That It sneaks up
On you, and beguiles
Enchants and then
Sinks its fangs into your
Heart, and lyses
Your soul?

Do you not know that
A smile is a powerful tool
Of subterfuge; cold in its
Steeliness? That its power
Is absolute, and its blow
Brutal and final?

A smile is Sepsis
Overwhelming your
Immune system
A fulminant strain
Ravaging your body
Leaving you in DIC
Decimated. Incapacitated


8 thoughts on “Never trust a smile

  1. ‘I never knew true fear until I met pure evil. He wore a smile and a bowtie’, surmises T.M. Frazier and I say that’s pretty scary stuff! 🙄😀

    This reads kinda like the ‘Curse of the Killer Smile’.😈😁 And if by any remote chance it comes with a dimple or two….A-Ya-Ya-Ya-YAH! 😍 Gushingly irresistible and totally inescapable it’d be even if the devil himself looms large and is lurking behind it and it’s all but plastic…a phony; smokes and mirrors! It’s the perfect snare ever that’d have long disarmed an unsuspecting victim before he catches on. ‘There’s no knife that cuts so sharply and with such poisoned blade as treachery’, affirms Ouida. And right after that comes that infamous Judas’ kiss to seal the whole deal! The horror! 😆

    There’s a story and motive behind every smile. ‘The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife’ as is penned in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Rules of Acquisition. So, when next someone flashes a charming smile my way, I’d be sure to take my pretty little sweet time to decipher who’s hiding away in the shadows behind that smile….an angel or the devil; before warming up to the charmer cause coming back isn’t at all guaranteed. Plus, in the wise words of the enigma that’s Johnny Depp, ‘You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel’. 😄 Once you’ve been had….you’re all shades of ‘totally done’….done in and done for! 😂

    Doc, your analogies are absolutely spot on especially in that final verse wherein medicine meets poetry. 😎 Makes for a beyond stunning and delightsome read in all its entirety. Many kudos! 👍😀


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