The Moon poems


I. The moon

The moon comes out to play,
Thirsty, it leans forward
And drinks from the stream.

II. The witness

The moon was a witness
That night under the stars
When I lost myself
In you;
When the song of nature
Became our song and I
Beheld for the first time the
Face of an angel.

III. The ball

A ball! A ball
A silver-themed ball
Luna – with strings of pearl
Around her neck –
Leads the proceedings

IV. New moon

Soft silvery rays
Soft silken sheet
Soft succulent flesh
Soft sensual sounds
Soft soul music.
Soft strain of love playing in lifeless hearts
Stirring to life.



2 thoughts on “The Moon poems

  1. The imagery, of the moon coming out to play and drinking from the stream to quench its thirst is stunning…picturesque! πŸ˜„

    This tells a pretty romantic tale of lovebirds who I deem ‘moonstruck’! πŸ˜€

    You know how it’s said that to an extent, our ever changing moods as mortals are somewhat affected and influenced by the moon. The moon is believed to be largely responsible for some behavioral traits we exhibit and the word ‘Lunacy’, has its bearing from Luna which means moon. Suffice it to say that when certain passions such as anger and feelings of love are amped several degrees higher and inflamed as a consequence; then we ought to look no further to the moon as the obvious culprit. 😁

    Its therefore no surprise when seemingly lifeless hearts are stirred alive with the advent of the new moon and I’ll bet the phrase ‘madly in love’ must have been coined from this whole phenomenon of lunacy or the lunatic tendencies we exhibit when that state takes hold of us. 😁

    These lines….they mesmerise and I especially love that the magnetic and hypnotic qualities of the moon’s showcased in the lives of two hearts who may be clueless about the extent of impact the seemingly harmless but plenty mischievous moon shining overhead, has on them. 😎 Nice!!!! πŸ˜†


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