The Best 10 Ways to Find Inspiration When You Need It Most: Guest post by Lisa Griffin

Are you a photographer, a writer, or a painter? Are you someone who needs inspiration for the completely ordinary work? It does not matter, what you do – everyone needs the inspiration to keep doing his/her job. We understand that sometimes, you are so exhausted you think you will never be able to love what you do again, however, a little of inspiration changes the situation completely! We have prepared the article that is going to reflect on the best ten ways to find enthusiasm when you need it most. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!
1. Go to the Countryside
The best way to refresh your mind is to see the nature. If you just drive a couple of hours from the city you live in, you will find yourself in the beautiful countryside where your brain will definitely take inspiration. Breathe the fresh air, look at the sky and the trees, and try to connect with the nature.
2. Visit the Animal Shelter
There exists no better inspiration than animals, especially – a lot of animals who for some reason happened to be in the shelter. Dogs are full of energy, and they are eager to share it with you. Take some dogs for a walk, help with taking care of them, and finally, you might even want to take one home – then, the enthusiasm on a daily basis is guaranteed.


3. Take Pictures Outside
If you have a camera that you have not really used recently, take it and go outside. It does not matter what the weather is like – your inner creator will find things that are worth to be taken picture of. Do not feel shy to photograph people. When you come home and see the amazing shots you made, you will be 100% inspired by your own work.
4. Watch a TED Video
To get the inspirational words motivation, check the TED videos. Though the speakers are usually very different there, we advise you to listen to people who struggled with both mental and physical disabilities and finally managed to feel themselves like everyone else. Listening to someone else’s story that is more difficult than your own is very inspiring.


5. Do Something You Have Always Wanted to Do
We know how overloaded you are, but you have to give up on all the things that are putting pressure on you and do something you have always dreamed of. How? Well, if you have a lot of homework to do, then simply order the best research papers. In the spare time, do the parachute jumping, visit the aqua park, or ride a horse. The adrenalin you are going to get will be the pure inspiration.
6. Make a Bucket List
No motivational slogans for work will help you better than simply do your own bucket list for the next year, for the next five years, or even for the whole life. When you start thinking about your dreams, you immediately understand that they are not that difficult to get. You get inspired even by creating the plan of how to achieve your aims which is absolutely amazing.
7. Spend Time with Children
Children are energetic fireballs, and communicating with them for one hour minimum will bring you enthusiasm for the nearest week. Play with them, talk to them, and take their energy because they have lots. When you come home, you will be exhausted but happy and inspired.


8. Send Your CV for the Dream Job
Apart from daily motivational quotes for work that in the majority of cases, do not help, we advise you to sit and prepare your CV for your dream job. When it is ready, just send it! Even if you think you will never be able to get it, you will make a huge step to become closer to your dream. You cannot even imagine how the feeling that you have done something that important will satisfy you.
9. Read Blogs of People Who Managed to Fight the Difficulties
Believe us, there are so many people out there sharing their experiences of how they had to deal with bullying or different sorts of bad luck. It is important to read those stories and pay a special attention to the way they fought with their problems. You will see the words that motivate and inspire you and immediately get back to your work and do it passionately.
10. Learn Something New
There is always something you do not know – why not find it out? Check the free online educational courses – Coursera has a lot to offer! Or, if you want the live communication, then apply for the group courses. Learn something new – it inspires!


Lisa Griffin enjoys reading and painting – her work allows her to combine it with her hobbies. Her motto is “Writing is thinking on paper,” and her thoughts are obviously beautiful.



2 thoughts on “The Best 10 Ways to Find Inspiration When You Need It Most: Guest post by Lisa Griffin

  1. Personally, I think that everything a Creative needs to draw inspiration from abides and abounds all around, especially as the Good Lord, our Ultimate Source of inspiration has ensured to put paid to all of that from the very beginning. The question then becomes…’Have you an eye to recognize, see and make good of it’? While it does matter that we’ve got eyes, what matters the most is our ability to decipher; enough to discern; cause as many as are able to pull this off, they shalt be mighty inspired. It’s easily what distinguishes the simple minded from the ones we’ve come to term ‘beautiful minds’. Confucius surmises this….’Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it’. 😄

    Insightful article I this find and Lisa’s motto makes a whole world of sense. Thanks for sharing Doc. 😀


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