Death is only a click away

You click on death’s
Door. Again.
She opens wide.
Not every door
Has a lock.
You pick her locks
Easily. Too easily.
You sense the danger
At the back of your mind but
You have crossed
The threshold. Too late.
Death is only
A click away.


4 thoughts on “Death is only a click away

  1. Janna Teller surmises this…’From the moment we’re born, we begin to die’. And if that be so, I find rather uncanny how an Earthling, a mortal; who’s already been marked for death since birth, unwittingly goes on this daredevilry quest, in search of none other than death… the inevitable. Such a journey would be anything but futile, because for the most part; when we go looking for what we don’t necessarily intend finding, there’s a pretty good chance we’d find it; especially if what we seek is death. Mo Yan affirms this….’Where there’s life, death is inevitable. Dying’s easy, it’s living that’s hard’.

    So then, how does one get really emboldened to the point of hitting on death, poking and courting it; and when it does decide to hit back, it does so even harder; and one then begins to wonder and look to cheating and wrenching free of its cold grasp and hold? πŸ€”πŸ™„ Little wonder death killed the cat, it was much too curious for its own good. Such debauchery! 😈😁

    A totally outta the box compose that’s full of intrigues. You did brilliantly well to pull this one off Doc, great thinking!πŸ‘‰ 😎


    1. Thanks Yemie. I like the quote: Dying is easy, living is hard. But, given my experience, dying isn’t easy too – at birth the body has been programmed to live, and it does everything in its power to do just that. Wrenching life out of a body isn’t easy. That is why no matter how inevitable death seems, when it happens, it still shocks us.



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