hello, stranger,
former lover.
how quickly love
turned to indifference
when friends turn to
adversaries, like grape
vine turned sour, there is hope.
love and hate are opposite
sides of the same coin.
but when friends turn
strangers, like a fruitful fig tree
now barren, hope withers
falls to the ground and dies.

hello, stranger
walking past, face
turned away, not even
a smile to spare. not
a nod of acknowledgement
to say: i know you.
i used to be home
the place where you made
memories. you painted your fears
on my wall, and your tears
were the solvent for the water colors
that told your stories on the canvas
of my skin. i was a witness to your
struggles and triumphs.
you spread your dreams on my floors
hid them beneath the floorboards
because no one would look at them.
i knew your secrets, they are still locked up in the cupboard in the attic.

hello stranger,
former friend.
your ghost haunts
this grounds.
i don’t know how to cleanse
your aura. i have become
a haunted house.


8 thoughts on “Hello

  1. ‘One thing they don’t tell you is that fires can’t burn bright forever’- T.J. Kline

    And its on that note that I say that this poetic composition’s both adorable and deeply saddening!
    It does tell a tale that resonates and most can actually identfy with it.
    That moment when a relationship hits the skits and is on a fast track to hell; going from a hundred to zero in a heartbeat! The rose-tinted or shall I say ‘tainted’ glasses we adorn suddenly coming off and we become absolutely disillusioned, disenchanted, dispassionate with our objects of affection; thus resulting in a total disconnect and detachment.
    ‘Nothing turns to hate so bitter as what was once love’ surmises Laurell .K. Hamilton.
    I’m however of the opinion that one who feels hate still ‘feels’ something, in which case the ex could be said to elicit a feeling of sort in such a person. ‘Noone can hate you with more intensity than someone who used to care’ affirms Rick Riordan, cause taking a few lines credited to Alyson Noel ‘Hating requires caring’. 😁

    Criss Jamis however opines this…’ I would rather a romantic relationship turn into contempt than turn into apathy. The passion in the extremities make it appear as though it once meant something. We grow from hot or cold, but lukewarm is the biggest insult’! A feeling of hate I can bear but becoming ‘unfeeling’ and indifferent….that just rankles!🙄 ‘I am not angry or sad or happy to see you. I could not give a s..t. You don’t even ripple’- Gillian Flynn. Now that….totally horrific! 😆

    ‘Hello’ is true to life and perhaps a passionate appeal on the part of the Narrator for a do-over….another chance to start over. Maybe. 😄
    On my part, I’d put up a good fight if I so feel like there’s still something there that’s left to be salvaged. 😇😀 If not, I’d conform to this quote credited to Beau Taplin which reads thus…’I don’t do detached. I won’t play hard to get or act cool for the sake of appearing elusive. If I like you, I’m all in. If you have my attention then it’s because I genuinely care for you. But hurt me and, without even thinking, I’ll burn that bridge and never look back’! 😟😂

    That analogy of that one person who used to be home becoming a mere house with memories and secrets stowed and locked away in an attic was superbly done…very clever! It’s a beaut this compose Doc, very finely done! 😎❤


    1. Thank you Yemie! Love and hate are opposite side of a coin: same coin! It means there are feelings, and turn a coin right side up, and it’s “heads” again. Indifference is another coin entirely.



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