Guest Post: How to Find Your Muse: top 7 Great Sources for Creative Inspiration

Probably, each of us knows that in any case, even beloved, there are days of failure or days when there is no strength and desire to do anything when the hands fall, and it seems that you will never think of anything more and won’t reach success.

Frequently we refer to the fact that we lack inspiration and we have to wait until it comes to us.

Inspiration is a spark that lights us from inside. It helps to flare up a huge bonfire of desire and strength, with the help of which we begin to achieve the goal. Though it is temporally lost, inspiration can be found again in the most unexpected things!

  1. Gardening

This activity not only brings pleasure and calmness but also may reveal your new hobby – planting. What can bring more pleasant satisfaction than contemplation upon flowers you grown by yourself? Bright colors, delicate scents, birds singing – a perfect atmosphere for complete relaxation! Moreover, it is a widely known fact that human mind is resting when body’s working.

Try planting some flowers – maybe inspiration will be waiting for you under that peony.


  1. Adventure

Did you ever think of why you have lost your motivation in life? Everything has a reason, and no doubt you are feeling down in the dumps because something is disturbing you. Can it be your lifestyle?

Even the most diverse routine can become dull and uninteresting. The best cure against melancholy is an adventure! You don’t need to plan a journey and weigh all the pros and cons. Just get in the car or train (or on the bike) and go to the place you have never been to! If you haven’t come up with a particular destination, you can just explore the outskirts! Turn on your favorite music and enjoy being alone and free on the road!

  1. Journaling

Start keeping a journal to write all your thoughts. It does not necessarily have to be a diary that needs to be run every day. It can be just a notebook, blog page or piece of paper where you will sometimes merge all your experiences or inspirational strength quotes.

Write everything you feel and think in the form of one big stream. Let it be some separate phrases or sentences. Just free your head from this flow of thoughts and words. Leave all the worries on paper. Journaling helps greatly to understand the actual problem of your condition and unload your mind, to free up space for new thoughts, ideas, and plans. Maybe you will figure out what is your favorite source of inspiration while keeping a journal.


  1. Changes

Change something in your appearance. Lose/gain weight, get a new haircut, buy a beautiful thing you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, wear your favorite piece of jewelry, improve your makeup routine, start wearing things you’ve never worn before. Make your reflection in the mirror unusual for you. You will begin to feel differently and look at yourself from a different angle. Finding your inner poise is easier when you like yourself.



  1. Decluttering

Some say, cleaning up the place you live in, can help to free your mind of intrusive thoughts. It’s not about simply throwing away garbage and washing floors; you need to free your apartment from things you don’t use. Clothes you are never going to wear, old postcards that carry no emotional value for you, dishes with cracks on them, even old furniture – toss everything that is detaining your inspiration and development!


  1. Woods

Woods have always been possessing magical calming abilities. To regain your motivation, leave the city and spend the whole day or weekend in the forest, where there is no internet connection (it’s better to leave all your gadgets at home). You will begin thinking somehow differently in the fresh air.

Only 30 minutes of such a walk in the woods can give a huge amount of energy! And if you bring friends or relatives on such a walk, you will get an enormous positivity thrown-in. Greenery and majesty of nature will turn on your creativity!


  1. Meditation

No doubt, meditation is one of the greatest ways to relax your body and soul. It helps to relieve stress and pressure, which were accumulating for the longest time. If you are struggling to write a paper or complete the project, just switch to meditation for 20 minutes. Lay comfortably on the bed and focus on your breathing: inhale, exhale… Living with yourself in harmony can help you reach success and find your personal source of inspiration.



written by: Jeremy Raynolds






4 thoughts on “Guest Post: How to Find Your Muse: top 7 Great Sources for Creative Inspiration

  1. These are great pointers am sure every Creative will find super helpful in tracking and pinning down their muses should they decide to adhere and plug into ’em. Plus, the article in itself does make for a pretty delightsome read. Totally enjoyed every bit of it! 😄😁

    Thanks for sharing Doc and write on! 😎😀


      1. Hehehe. I knew that already Doc. ‘Write on’ was just my own lil way of admonishing you to keep your muse on a leash so you don’t get lose him/her as the case may be. And ‘Thanks for sharing’, was just that…..thanking you for featuring Jeremy’s plenty insightful musing. See? 😝😂


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