Ode to love lost


Your body is a country
Whose map is etched
On my heart. I cannot find
My way back. Here I am,
A sojourner in another country
Ruing a love lost.


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  1. Yemie says:

    ‘How bewitching the beauty of a human body composed not of paint or stone but of living corruptible matter, charged with the secret fevers of life and decay’- Thomas Mann. Jess .C. Scott on the other hand surmised this….’The human body’s the best work of art’. 😄

    I absolutely love the analogy of the likening of the body to a country and of course a map. It works really well considering that a map’s a work of art designed by cartographers, with all of its curves, contours, shapes and forms…just like the human anatomical framework and the concept of a sojourner losing his way’s (probably cause he got with the next best thing) also apt….sheer brill! 😁

    These imageries stuns and the tales these perfect lines tell…deeply saddening! You brought this Doc, and in so few and fine lines! ❤😎

    1. topazo says:

      Thanks Yemie. Your comment rocks!

  2. Omotayo says:

    Such a sad tale.
    I’m a fan of happy endings.

    1. topazo says:

      If only life were full of happy endings…

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