Shifting Shadows

I take solace in shifting shadows
In illusions of light finding temporary harbor
On cream-colored walls.

I realize that backing the light leads me into the
Penumbra of my vanities – Broad shoulders
Tapered waist. Ripped muscles –
My perfection is hidden in shrouded images

On the walls of my mind
The mirror illuminates my insecurities.
Who would think that the focal distance
Of my self-esteem
Is directly proportional to the reflection of light

Off a silver coated surface?
I stand and gaze longingly at the mirror
Become trapped in a maze of flickering vanities
Lost in shifting lines and contours –
In a virtual reality of narcissism.

The stroke of nine from the wall clock
Brings me back to the projection of my flaws
And I recoil from the glare
Retreat into the shadows where
The illusions are ego-syntonic


5 thoughts on “Shifting Shadows

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  2. ‘Shifting Shadows’ is of perceptions ’bout self, smokes & mirrors…illusions, and of course the mirror that’s the human mind.

    ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’, I can almost hear the Narrator say, ‘who’s the finest of them all?’ The mirror that’s his mind, goes on to project his flaws…imperfections; as opposed to the seemingly perfections he’d hoped to see and he shirks away. His reaction’s kinda like, ‘the other side of sweet’ as the wind’s knocked outta him and he shrinks….slinks back into the shadows; where all’s as they oughta be….perfection! 😈😆

    ‘With true beauty surmises James Philip Head, there’s no illusion’. So then, will this whole thing be a curious case of matter over mind or mind over matter? As in, is this all in the Narrator’s head….what he thinks to see in his mind’s eye? 🙉

    Daniel Nayen opines this and I ask also…..’If it looks and feels real, do you think it matters if its real?’ 😉😁

    In the end, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and we only really see what our mind’s eyes wanna see. Its just what it is! 😄

    I absolutely love what you did here Doc, its got ego, narcissism, vanity, and of course illusions. I also learnt that one who suffers from ego syntonic disorder’s the hardest to cure as his perceived view on a subject matter’s in perfect sync with his nascent ego. The sheer horror! 😂

    Your space is certainly no intellectual wasteland Doc, as it bristles with different arrays of topics spanning a wide range of subject matter. Your brilliance shines through each new post. Keep keeping on and dazzle some more. 😇😄


    1. Darling Yemie, Thank you for your comment, it is your longest yet. Obviously Daniel Nayen has a problem with reality, and would rather stay in the space of blurry lines and amorphous boundaries. Sometimes that is okay, but not always.
      Thank you for your kind words, and for your commitment to intellectualism on TZC; for commenting on every blog post.


  3. We, all of us, have these bites of insecurity; sometimes fleeting, sometimes deep seated. And, oh, how we long for perfection.
    Maybe we aren’t meant to be perfect after all.
    Maybe perfect is having a few flaws, so that we may be complemented by others. We may see it as nature’s way of humbling us and, at once, enriching our lives.
    Beautiful piece, sir.


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