Tales, with a new twist at the ending

There are tales I would love to tell,
Heights from which I would love to scream from;

Each day, the sun rises from behind the hill
I long to climb, whose top towers far above

The valley in which I crawl, with a bed of moss
For comfort at night. Every evening I watch the sun

Make its way behind the hill and I think of creatures
Created for flight – with hollow bones and broad

Chests – with eyes of the eagle, and who know
The name of the wind.

I am a creature of the land, crawling on my belly
Eating sand, snaking through the undergrowth

Of life, feasting on insects – they fly no more than
The height of my tongue and I delight in conquering

These creatures of flight – disdaining their lack of ambition.
If I could fly, I would become one with the clouds

And share in the tales of birds: of the blanket of the
Ocean, and the cotton clouds; I would tell tales

Of the songs of the wind, and of the fellowship of the sun.
These tales haunt my dreams: tales of fallen glory,

And a once-upon-a-time beauty;
Ancient tales of plunder that clog

Arteries and fill the heart with black bile;
Tales of dirges and defeat;

Melodies of tears, words
Laced with venoms;

Lancing tongues, forked and sticky…
These are tales I would love to tell

With a new twist at the ending.


4 thoughts on “Tales, with a new twist at the ending

  1. The lowland creatures in us long for the open skies. Being not beasts of flight, we painstakingly make our way uphill, a step a time, till we’re one with the clouds.
    This narrator isn’t left out. His longing is palpable…almost.
    Hats off, doc. May your tales indeed end with a new twist.


  2. A quote credited to Colleen Hoover, reads thus…’when things get too good and too right and too perfect, its only because the ugly twist hasn’t yet infiltrated the goodness of it all’.

    The above saying, coupled with the tales these well thought out lines tell; they do well to remind ’bout the ever turning wheel of life…spinning and rotating unceasing. ‘Life’s like a wheel asserts the amazing Novelist that’s Stephen King, sooner or later; it always come around to where you started again’.

    Needless to say, we’d all at some point in our lives; have our day in the sun regardless of whether we’re on our jolly way up the rung atop of the chain or otherwise. Everything comes back around full circle. So then, the question for this seemingly wriggly wormie becomes…..’Were you born ready and good for that rise….that twist and turn for the absolute ‘bestest’? 😁

    This is a very enriching and insightful piece of poetic compose Doc….it does smart by ‘really’! Great thinking! 👍😄


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