Love broke you

With a smile
It crushed you

With a pout
It ground you

Into dust
With a kiss

It blew you
Scattered your

Elements everywhere
Made you



8 thoughts on “Amorphous

  1. Love, it broke you not
    Your supposed lover did
    Because they know not
    What it means to love
    Love will heal you
    And leave you smiling
    From within.
    LOVE will fix you
    like no other will.


  2. ‘Amorphous’ holds a certain fascination for me in that you did paint a perfect picture with your pen, of the varying degrees of brokenness and changes a person may tend to undergo in matters that involves the heart especially when love does go wrong and in so few lines too. ‘Love hurts, when it changes us’ asserts Toba Beta and this lovely piece of poetic compose breathes life to those words.

    ‘I think love changes you overtime and whether you have good or bad experiences, you always grow and learn from them’- Leighton Meester. A love affair that starts out pretty exciting and whose novelty wears out in time as it goes from turbo-charged to cruise control and then to a screeching, grounding halt will definitely leave one’s heart in tatters…splinters, and that would definitely take its toll on the parties involved; leaving em broken…without form!

    ‘He was changed, burned, branded, destroyed and rebuilt. And he loved it’, surmises Jess Michaels! So I guess getting broken comes with the total package afterall;’love’s the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares’, as asserted by Aman Jassal! 😁

    You remain Doc, an absolute vision….in writing! Great going! 👍😄


    1. Thank you Yemie for your comment – wonderful as usual.

      I like Jess Michael’s perspective. Most often times love breaks us: our barriers and inhibitions; forces us to bend over backwards; revisit and revise personal philosophies and principles….and after a while we no longer recognize who we have become. If we are lucky (If love is kind to us) we get to like the person we have become but then not everyone gets lucky….


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