There is something sweet about you:
In the quiet cadence of your voice
Your gentleness and nobility of heart.

Your words are delivered with the precision
Of a skilled marksman,
Powerful – not in the effort with which
They are hurled, but in hitting the nerves
In the eye, plucking heart strings and causing a thrum
Of emotions.

There is a secret place to you, hidden
From the world – a place you opened
To me – where you wear a new look:
Where the lines of your face relax into
Curves; where fire enter your orbs, and
Life into your limbs. There you shed the
Cloak of ice and adorn yourself with fire

And you burn, giving off the scent of
Passion: for life, for love, for purpose.
And I watch, mesmerized –
The moon borrowing fire from
The sun.

This is a tree – planted by the rivers
Of fire – fruiting for you
Come near and pluck.

Authors note: It is your day. This here is for you.


4 thoughts on “

  1. If these charming words be brought to life…moulded, sculpted and breathed into, they’d make for a beyond cute and gorgeous being…godlike almost! 😄 And those imageries……outta this world! Wowzer!!! 👏👏👏

    A wonderful tribute this is Doc, very sure to serenade! Perfection and you….a more than perfect match! 😎😁Respect Sir! 😁


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