This sound will haunt me….


The sound of flesh
Ripped apart, leaving
Jagged edges, the loudness
Of the echo in the vacuum
Left by two hearts

I stumbled into an invention
As I watched my shadow shrink
In inverse proportion to my
Growing grief: Pain is a local

It numbed me, as I watched my chest
Being cracked open, exposing my heart
And imprints of her excised
Leaving behind raw surfaces.

I felt nothing as she closed me up
Using well rehearsed suture
Lines — Her technique was flawless.

When she was done
I died.
The clock chimed
Two o’clock.

First published in Kalahari Review


2 thoughts on “This sound will haunt me….

  1. Though the time of death of this Narrator nursing a haunted heart that’s been savagely stabbed and wrenched off in the most vicious of ways….right before his very eyes; be put at two o’clock, the super-talented horror Novelist that’s Stephen Kings asserts this…’Hearts can break. Yes, hearts can break. Sometimes, I think it would be better if we died when they did but we don’t’! 😕😩
    Suffice it to say that there’s a remote chance this Narrator’s still ‘alive’…literally, but has his heart yanked from him by one who’s made a dark hobby of breaking hearts….a ‘Serial Heartbreaker’, a ‘Real Pistol’ and pretty certifiable ‘Man-eater’ or ‘Man-hater’ as is contained in the bizarre line…’Her technique was flawless’! 😈😆However does one live with a gaping hole in the chest where the heart was once lodged….cold, emotionless and unfeeling?! 😯The sheer horror of her! 😁

    The grizzliness of this composition’s right shocking Doc! Conceiving a blow by blow and detailed account of the terrible phenomenon that’s ‘Heartbreak’, is…astonishing? 😦 You nailed it anyhows! 😂 #smh


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