Heaven is….

Your thighs, sturdy pillars
Of support for my back.

Your eyes, golden pools
Of love for my parched heart.

Your sighs, laden with relief
Uncoiling around the core of worry.

Your smiles, unraveling the mystery
Of your dimples, the center of perfection.

Your tears, crystalline diamonds
Forged from the heat of emotions.

Your navel, holding secrets of
Pleasure, a map to hidden treasures.

Heaven is, being lost
In the secret caverns of you.


One thought on “Heaven is….

  1. Awwwwn….these sweetly and super-amorous lines positively possesses the power of turning one, into an entire pile of ‘moosh’….jelly and defenceless….nice!!! 😁

    Heaven’s our refuge, a safe haven…a place of total rest. Heaven’s what we make it out to be and these perfect lines….they don’t only seduce and enrapture; they’re divine….’Heaven-ly’! 😄

    ‘Heaven is…’ appears a tad effortless Doc and dare I say it, that writing doesn’t only suit you perfectly, its hardwired in your DNA! 😂

    Keep up the beyond great work you’re doing and in due season, the rewards shall come crashing through! Peace! 😇😃


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