Fellowship of stones

The cobbled stone path,
Hedged with ferns, growing
In cracks of denudation – the testament
To the doggedness of nature; she will
Wear you down;

The path of stones
That lodge in the cracks in your heart
That wedges in between your toes
That pierces your delicate soles.

He asked you to lose your shoes
To merge your elements with earth:
To return home. The bleeding blisters
Burn a message in your mind:

Home is a place
of pain, parched
throats and
prickling heat.


2 thoughts on “Fellowship of stones

  1. ‘Home isn’t a place, its a feeling’ as surmised by Cecelia Ahern! Home ceases to be ‘home’, when its fraught and bristling with pain, parched throat and prickly heat! And with a mindset as what the Narrator describes, I wonder if the very essence of ‘home’ hasn’t been lost already; and the chances of his quite passionate plea to the one who’s gone missing to return, isn’t an exercise in futility, despite his best efforts! Its all just a thought anyhow,…only a thought! πŸ˜€

    Home’s where the heart dwells and the air, atmosphere…..its overall ambience is rarefied….esoteric; pretty much, cool like Sunday morning! 😁

    Home’s a safe place…a comfort zone, that exudes and offers in abundance warmth, hospitality, camaraderie, fellowship, bonhomie, but most of all….peace, love and mutual respect! When the aforementioned qualities are stripped off of home; and in its place needless hostilities, contention, strife, senseless animosities, hate and the likes; become the order the day, we make a break from it all, even as the heart begins to shrink……totally ebbing away and the soul’s crushed! Plus, the spirit’s deeply aggrieved and home as we used to know it quickly degenerates into a battlefield….a war zone, and we’re disconnected…..disenchanted! We therefore lose our identities and sense of belonging, becoming like outsiders looking in whilst dwelling on the fringes of what used to be home or more like, drifters….rolling stones, wandering aimlessly and straying to far off places….laying our heads and hearts wherever we may find; as the need to find a new home devoid of all these negative vibes and energies seek to seize and overwhelm us! ‘The ache of home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned’- Maya Angelou.

    Robin Hobb affirms that ‘Home is people, not a place. If you go back there after all the people are gone, then all you can see is what’s not there anymore’!

    Like the snail and tortoise, I carry home, (my family by blood and those I made by choice), with me; in the innermost recesses of my not so tiny heart, whithersoever I go! πŸ˜„Where I am, they art too! They’re just a thought away! 😊 That way, our bond stays stronger, no matter what! 😁

    In all, and as finely posited by Ari B; ‘in life, a person will come and go from many homes. We may leave a house, a town, a room; but that does not mean those places leave us. Once entered, we never entirely depart the homes we make for ourselves in the world. They follow us, like shadows until we come upon them again, waiting for us in the mist’! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜„

    For one who was seemingly, totally out of it in ‘Opaque’; dare I say Doc, but you pretty much just turned up with this stunning offering and I….I definitely did outdo myself and blow my own damn mind too wide open with my theses! πŸ˜† Viva Yemie and kudos to the one who to me; did this!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜€ Suffice it to say…’I legit blame you Doc’, this is all on you and it plenty works for me! πŸ˜‚ Way to go Sir! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

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    1. Yes, you definitely outdid yourself! And blew away my mind alongside yours too. Thanks for your comment – I’m not sure this qualifies as ‘comment’ anymore.


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