I sit on this shrinking couch
Itching to write, taking
A journey to my amygdala
To extract feelings that coat
This glass ceiling opaque.
This is what I find:
A bag full of wool
And clouds engorged
With rain.


7 thoughts on “Opaque

  1. The term ‘Opaque’, is never been so wonderfully, yet frightfully; depicted especially as it concerns this Narrator; who appears to be in dire straits and am talking major funk; wherein ideas and thoughts….feelings, aren’t only a total blur and quite hazy too; but they seem also, to be strewn all over the place! Can’t be good can it? 😁

    ‘If the cloud be full of rain, they empty themselves on the Earth……’- Ecclesiastes 11:3. An engorged cloud aint bad at all if this Narrator could just keep and get it together by taking several steps back for a bit, cutting loose to decompress, in order that he may achieve a……..’clearer head’, yes?! 😈😆 Perhaps, this cloud might just float away….blow over; and he’d get his ‘mojo’….the feelings right back; enough to make the ‘rain’ come down really hard….pour in torrents! 😂 Afterall, ‘renewed shall be blade that’s broken and the crownless shall AGAIN be made king affirms T.R Tolkein and I…..well, I say….’this too shall pass’! 😇😁

    This was nicely conceived Doc, it really got me going! 👍😄 I had a lot of fun with it as the ‘bag of wool’ line easily brought this thing we used to do when we seem to be sleep deprived…’counting sheep’; to me! Classic me huh? 😁

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