This is how to mourn

Pick a pen
Plunge it into
Your chest and
Twist. Watch
The blood drip unto
A blank page.
Make an imprint of
Your dying soul
As it exsanguinates,
Flail, and become


6 thoughts on “This is how to mourn

  1. These lines…..pretty creative, yet; harrowing at best! And you Doc… adorn grief so well so much so you’ve managed to make an ‘art’….a painting, of it; as with a blank frame….a canvas, with blood…..making brush strokes and a masterpiece?! 😯

    Tis real bizarre, this offering but it does not take away the fact that you composed an unsafe piece, straightways outta the box! What more’s left to be said then….’Wehdone’ Sir, great thinking; am super-stoked!😂


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