Random words coalesce
Into this poem
For you

Without order
In this madness
Is a method

These words incomplete
Wearing leaves
Of laurel trees

Leaving gaps of flesh
The spaces of silence
Speaking louder things

These letters have
A beauty
To them

In ellipsis is
A continuation of
Sacred thoughts

Or a pause….
In between these
Dotted lines

Lie hidden the
Message encrypted
In ink.


5 thoughts on “Agglutination

  1. Wow Doc! Agglutination huh?! Puzzling at best! Not to mention….creepy or cryptic???? 😈 Exactly what might this pretty elusive….dodgy, Narrator be going on ’bout?! 😯😆

    Plus, for one who naturally loves puzzles, I find this one real scatter-brained! Can’t seem to wrap my head around it as hard as I try! Not cute! 😂

    I sense however, that the first letterings lining each line of the individual verses may actually consitute a word or phrase in line with the title of this beautifully composed ‘headbanger’ abi ‘brain-tasker’ and voila! The sacred thoughts cloaked amongst the dotted lines…..and then, the encrypted message in ink unveiled! 😁

    Great going Doc, as hard a nut this is to crack, I can’t but applaud the level of creativity that went into composing it! The line….’The spaces of silence speaking louder things…’, totally gets me! Tis all cloaks and daggers! Sneaky, seedy and definitely slippery’s this Narrator and I, well; I commend him plenty! 😈😆


    1. Hehehe
      Thank you Yemie!
      The first time I rendered you clueless! Read it again slowly; it will come to you …or not!
      The primary purpose of reading poetry isn’t to decipher the meaning though….it’s meant to be an art, to be savored… or something like that


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