For four women on Valentine 


Roses and scented candles

A dinner of well oiled skin

With the finest wine distilled

From your vineyard.

Music from our hearts

Setting the tone: melodies

Of hope and new beginnings

Melting barriers

Moulding the future into

Promise songs.

With you I will always be Icarus

Heedlessly flying too close

Let me burn

Let us burn brightly

Together in eternal flames.


There are flames that die

Before blazing into its full

Glory; there is a love that die

In utero. I have tasted love that

Was undercooked

Dropped from the fire untimely

I sit here mourning the death

Of my soul – the half that lies

Buried in your bosom

And wonder if a heart can survive

The loss of its half.

I learnt about regeneration and healing

And I remember that the heart heals

With fibrosis; leaving indelible reminders

In a way I’m comforted: you are

Imprinted on my heart and I will

Carry you with me; the scars are

Pieces of you. If pain be the only

Way to have you, then so be it

Because I’m not letting you go



I see your flames burning brightly

Calling to me. I have always been

Fascinated with fire, and I find your

Pull irresistible. Your fire purges

And leaves me purer. I walk in and

I’m engulfed in warmth, become incandescent.


In you I find a fire

Blazing beneath a layer

Of ice. There are fires

That keep ice frozen

Whose wrath are tempered

By the restraints of crystal


Covalent bonds

Formed deep within earth’s

Core create crystalline diamonds

Bonds stronger than fire, refined

In fire, strengthened by fire.

Yours is a fire that allures

Beguiles, enchants. Your

Fire melts me, makes me

Into an alloy.



2 thoughts on “For four women on Valentine 

  1. ‘For Four Women On Valentine’ chronicles the past, present and future, of profound love (big love)…….wild attractions and a fiercely intense mix of passion, pleasure, pain….nostalgic memories; but most of all, hope! 😄

    Gabriela Jording surmises that to experiment with love, is to play with fire! Now fire, that’s one element I see making the rounds in all of these four instances and I’ve gotta say that taking chances is something this Narrator with lotsa hearts, does not shy away from! Its almost like courting danger….flirting with fire and in love, that’s huge….a feat only the brave can pull off! You just never know if you’d get warmed or go up and burst into flames and then ashes! 😈😆

    Reading through these charming lines, for me; cements the fact that though great loves abounds at various stages of our lives and existences; one love….’the one’ or the ‘Perfect Love’; will always stand out, no matter what! I mean….’If pain be the only way to have you, so be it because am not letting you go’! Bone-chilling and somewhat cute I find that line; yet, its the stuff of nightmares that brings to the fore the universal problem with ‘unfinished business’! Just when you think you’re done with it; it creeps up on you and you find its far from done with you! The absolute horror! 😈😂

    I applaud you Doc on this beyond brilliant idea and concept for this magical love season, it totally smarts and grabs! These pretty romantic lines seduce…..they serenade! And the charisma leaping out from the various instances portrayed herein…are absolutely capable melting the ice off of cake! Super-charming! 😎😀

    Write ye on Sire! 😁


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