The truth is a well sharpened barb

The truth is a well sharpened
Barb: it traps. Lies are
For fishes that swim
Too close to the surface, that
Wander too close to shore

The truth is a boobytrap
A mine field, tread
With caution. Lies!
Well, lies lie buried
Under your bed
Sleep with one
Eye closed.

The truth is a dangerous weapon
A tool of mass destruction
Sheath the scathing sword!
Give us lies, and more lies
Numb our senses, make us lie
Softly on beds of hornets’ nest.

The truth is a tomb
Holding hidden secrets
Buried whole exhumed:
Odious and putrefying
Lies, well lies are perfumed
Rottenness sprinkled on our
Consciences that chase away
Freedom and turns tranquility
Into a mirage.

The truth hurts like
An abscess lanced
Prodded and poked till
Raw and bleeding
Lies are bandages wrapped
Around festering sores – a window
Dressed decaying flesh.

Someday, the truth will heal
And gaping wounds granulate
The truth is honey; lies, sugar
Both are sweet: let the wound
Tell. The one gives life
The other feeds death.


6 thoughts on “The truth is a well sharpened barb

  1. Whenever the unvarnished truth hits; its hard-biting, numbing…..dealing such crushing fatal blows to the recipient; whilst aiming straight for the jugular! However, Patricia Briggs opines this…’Hard truths can be dealt with, triumphed over but lies will destroy your soul’!
    Sean Patrick Brennan further points out that ‘The truth is often a big scary wall, no less massive and haunting; even after you find a way around it’!

    In the long haul, and no matter how palatable….sugary, a convoluted web of lies;(almost certain of morphing into pretty tangled mess as time progresses) appears, it don’t change the fact that a lie is a lie is a lie! And Richelle E Goodrich asserts that ‘Lies don’t fit snugly into disguises. Eventually the cloak falls off and you’re left staring at the naked truth which is always an uncomfortable situation’! 😄

    I’ve gotta to say anyhow that the best admonition yet is that given by God Himself, wherein He admonishes that we should say the truth and it shall set us free! Freedom is peace and it allows us to go to sleep at night with a clear enough conscience! Scratch that! Freedom’s EVERYTHING and should NEVER be compromised and as Suzy Kassem surmises and I quote…’Always be truthful and you’ll have fewer visits from regret, guilt or fear’! 😁

    This is a pretty matter-of-factly poetic compose Doc and I particularly like the ensuing interplay and interaction of words…..the puns, as appearing in some of the lines! Nicely done Doc, and wisdom multiplied too! 😎😃

    PS: I also couldn’t help but notice the spanking new look the blog’s rocking…..pretty ‘homey’, fancy and classy! Tis out with the old and in with the new! Coolness Doc, and kudos! 👍


    1. Thank you Yemie.
      Home has just got a new coat of paint, and we are happy that you are still as comfy with the new paint as with the old.
      Thanks for the in depth analysis of the theme: Truth.
      “Unvarnished truth”, I like the sound of it, and the image it evokes.


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