My roots are drying



In aliquots

I feel the scream

Of shrinking xylem

And hear the leaf

Weep. I weep

For my stem

My pride

My phloem.



My bark is

Crack –


My pride is


My seeds are


My sap is




I planted my roots

On sullied soil

Tapped water from

Strange crevices in earth’s


Now, filled with ions

That block my electron

Transport chain

I choke

On my vomit.


Death is a desiccant

Takes you apart

One hydrogen molecule

By Oxygen atom.

I am left with Carbon,

Soft and dark –



There is a type of death

That leaves you white

But this,

This is black death



Rotten leaves gives

Life; dead trees

Become fire



I am falling

To earth.




2 thoughts on “Roots

  1. ‘Roots’ is a pretty enriching masterpiece of a poetic compose, dripping with very stunning imageries and analogies…..nature at its best or shall I say…worst? 😈😆Definitely a surefire…as in…a super- auspicious start to a spanking new and exciting writing season for the year ’17! Way to go Doc, you stepped things up an entire notch….sheer brill! 😎😁

    You were pretty methodical with this piece Doc, I mean ‘Farewell’?! Now that’s bone-chilling and spine-tingling! Its like the end of an era’s being marked…too glum! 😔And I’d thought a dirge at Christmastime was that bizarre? Eish! 😂

    Plus, as I read along these fine lines, I think this; especially in relation to the line….’I planted my roots on sullied soil’ that as it is written in the Good Book…. ‘If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do’?! Looks like a pretty hopeless situation to me! But then again; hasn’t it been said that in order for a seed to live and abide; then it must needs fall to the Earth and die just as this Narrator who looks to me like he’s a big tree? Perhaps, he’s being handed a second chance by way of ‘Falling to the Earth’?!😁 I expect too that like a Phoenix, he’d rise outta the ashes bearing a stronger, deeper root! So yeah, farewell for the now; for this tree comes again with much lush…luxuriante, but most importantly; deeply rooted to withstand even the most turbulent of all storms! 😄

    Nice one Doc, very well thought out as usual! 👍😉


    1. I like how you see hope in seemingly hopeless situations.
      Like the narrator said: “rotten leaves gives life and dead trees become fire”
      Even in deadness, something positive can come out- manure and firewood!
      Thanks for reading and commenting


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