A tale of two hearts

There was a guy, shy and sweet and in love with a girl. The girl was pretty and witty; high class too and she was with another guy, the coolest guy in the neighborhood. Day by day, Shy guy pined after Pretty and witty lady but he didn’t exist to her. They passed by each other daily and he always had a smile for her but she never saw him; her eyes saw through him. His heart grew lean from starvation and he walked around with a stoop.

Then one day, he stumbled into Sweet girl. Sweet girl provided a distraction from Pretty and witty girl, and for a while he allowed himself to get lost in her. She tended to his heart and fed it daily with love and affection; she doted over him and he never wanted for care. Soon he began to think that he could give his heart to Sweet girl – she would take care of it – Maybe love wasn’t supposed to be wild and exhilarating like he had always believed.

One evening, after a quiet meal, while snuggling on his sofa watching a romantic comedy, Sweet girl whispered to him, asked if she could keep his heart forever. He said yes, laughed and then began to cry. His heart would not budge and it stuck to its place in his chest, cold and unyielding. It had stopped beating. He left the house leaving a bewildered Sweet girl in tow, and went for a walk, hoping for a miracle.

Pretty and witty girl was restless. She had been for two weeks but she could not place a hand on why. Life was good. She had everything she wanted and a man that doted on her and cherished her. Still, something was missing. She was hanging with her friends when it hit her; the emptiness and aloneness that was lurking beneath the surface. It was her soul, she concluded, it lacked fire, and she was shivering in the cold.

She decided to go for a walk, hoping to find answers. She was walking on the same path that shy guy was on. They walked towards each other, one looking for a miracle and the other answers, both lost in thought and oblivious of the other.

When they were a few feet from each other, it began to rain – it was sudden and without warning. It was a heavy downpour with rumbling thunder and cracking lightning. They ran back in opposite directions, seeking shelter from the rain.

With each step they took, each was filled with a sense of loss and a feeling of having just missed out on something special.

Shy guy turned back a few times on his journey home unable to shake the feeling that he was going in the wrong direction. He was fighting the wild thump of his heart – jumping and screaming and – telling him to turn back.

Drenched, he reached the front door of his house and steeling his resolve, stepped in and locked gaze with Sweet girl standing by the window. She was beautiful, homely and lovable, and he knew he was blessed to have her in his life; to have her wanting him. His heart said in a cool but clear voice – you don’t belong here; you won’t be happy here.

He stepped forward, reached into his chest and pulled out his heart and handed it to Sweet girl. She took his heart gingerly, with tears streaming down her face and said – welcome home.

On her front porch, Pretty and witty girl collapsed breathless, chest heaving, and began to weep. She was filled with an overwhelming sadness and grief. She knew something had definitely gone terribly wrong, something that affected her deeply. Something that had changed the course of her life.

She felt like she had lost something precious.

She had indeed lost her soul-mate.



6 thoughts on “A tale of two hearts

  1. Aw! This is deeply saddening and yet so beautifully spun Doc, like scenes from a movie….a Dramedy! Tis thrilling and full of intrigues too! 😍Mwah! ❤😄

    This love triangle thing or phenomenon puts the ‘d’ in the infamous word…’complicated’! And more often than not, fate becomes the deciding factor… the ultimate deal-breaker in straightening things out wherein all comes to a head and fall right into place…as with a puzzle! Jean de la Fontaine affirms this that ‘a person often meets his destiny, on the road he took to avoid it’! Were Shy Guy and Pretty&Witty meant for something bigger; the universe woulda conspired for em to run into each other; as opposed to causing for em both to derail at the exact moment they came close to crossing paths! ‘There’s never a place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat; in a single flashing, throbbing moment’ says Sarah Dessen!

    While Pretty&Witty’s totally clueless bout Shy Guy’s very existence and his feelings towards her, which he’s cowardly refused to deal with and address head-on, he carries on nursing the hope that a ‘miracle’ would happen! Is it that at his appearing, he’d expected Pretty&Witty to fall hopelessly and helplessly in love with him? ‘True love cannot be found where it does not exist, nor can it be denied where it does’ surmises Torquato Tasso!

    So, rather than do as Werner Erhard admonishes….not to go looking for love when its where you come from’…with Sweet Girl; in this instance, Shy Guy goes on a wild goose chase, chasing at straws scattered in the wind!

    I love that in the end, he surrenders sweetly and in reckless abandon to the tender love offered him by Sweet Girl, when he gave his heart up for her! 😇😁 That’s the bestest way to go and it does remind too of a quote credited to Tom Robbins…’We waste time looking for the perfect lover instead of creating the perfect love’!

    Love comes softly its often said and like the Legendary Kung-fu Bada$$ Bruce Lee says…’Love’s like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning, a flame; very pretty, often hot and fierce but still flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals…deep-burning and unquenchable’; in mine opinion, Shy Guy and Sweet Girl have got this going on for them; and a love like this…..it never dies! The flames are forever kindled for the simple reason that friends who go on to become lovers….are the best ever pairing! I know…too well! 😈😆

    A tale of two hearts rock hard….but you Doc…you rock hardest! Coolness!😎😤😂

    With lo


    1. this your thesis ehn….na die o!
      i don’t even know where to begin!
      i don’t know what Shy guy was hoping for – clarity or a sign – all i know is that fate colluded to cheat him of meeting his soul mate; of knowing the joy of completeness and not settling for comfortable. the rain is metaphorical and can signify several human and nature orchestrated events that denied them of that meeting that would have ignited the lifelong fire in their hearts….
      oh well, whoever said that life was fair….
      Thanks Yemie…


  2. This is really sad. And a startling reminder that we are not entirely in control of our destinies, whether in matters of life or love. Who knows — for those seeking love, answers or fulfilment — how many circumstances we’ve missed simply because we were nudged not to look in the right direction?

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