Serving for two

This is how to prepare a dish of vegetable
A serving for two:
Prepare the vegetable – fresh
Full, firmly attached to the stalk
Chop it delicately after plucking.
Let it steam, do not overcook.
Sieve and put aside.
Pour palm oil in a clean pot
Bleach – pay no heed to the smoke
That chokes
Pour freshly ground pepper, tomatoes
Don’t forget the onions
Fry till dry.
Add the vegetables
Stir, and cover.
Once steamed, garnish –
Chopped liver, cow hide
Shrimps, periwinkles
Mushrooms –
Go wild, be creative.
Add a little water
Salt to taste
Seasoning if you must.
Serve it hot
Take it slow
Savor each bite
Let it linger on your palate
Just a bit longer
It’s a serving for two.


4 thoughts on “Serving for two

  1. Awww! ‘Serving For Two’ is a pretty cool, fun and super-exciting idea for a holiday post! 😎😄

    Sounds like an all-exclusive party for two! 😊😄 There’s no better way to kickstart romance, get it going into full bloom than with an exquisitely laid out gourmet with exotic wines to wash em down; so they stay down….De-lish! 😁

    Great going Chef, you just scored yourself another hearty post with this highly innovative post! 👉😁
    Happy Tummies makes Happy and Merry Hearts and with a scrumptious mix of vegetables in the mix…nothing else is guaranteed to get the blood pumping and flowing by golly! 😀


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