Beyond borders

South of the equator,
In a land
Dark and
Barren far
Away from the Sun
Lies my heart
Parched and gasping
Sinking with
Each breath
Into Sheol.


4 thoughts on “Beyond borders

  1. Though T.t. Kalem assures that the only broken instrument that works…is the heart; I don’t really know what to make of this one!🙉

    While it not only appears to be breaking and degenerating, (especially as the lines of this monsterpiece assumes a quite dark and sinister spin at the heart’s slow, gradual and final descent to Sheol…a place that boasts of pure evil and gloom); it pretty much looks like this very poor heart’s totally done for….eviscerated, for lack of a more epically ‘damaging’ word! 😈😯

    Nice one Doc, you don’ gon’ done it again….outrightly killed this you did….’lethally’!😞 Pfft! 😆😆😆

    The beauty of the lettering lining ‘Beyond Borders’ lies in the analogy and imagery! The life form the heart takes in certain locations at different times! Its geographical view and appeal’s simply picturesque….picture perfect! 😎😁


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