audience of one

The air is alive with the scent of sweaty bodies
Mixed with heady anticipation; I see it
clearly in my mind;
the image floats in front of the words –
sensory words conceived for the stage
birthed to capture hearts.

The roar of the enraptured crowd wafts to me in muted tones
Right here – backstage,
Struggling with the melody
Losing hope with each chime
Of passing time

Amidst the din and blinding spotlight
I see your face –
Centre stage, front row –
Eyes closed,
Lips moving in sync

On your lips
I find the words.
This poem, the rhythm
This melody, the cadence
Is really for an audience
Of one


4 thoughts on “audience of one

  1. Wow! Don’t know what may have informed ‘An Audience Of One’; but what I do know’s that these lines tell a pretty enthralling and compelling tale! ‘Tis not only true-to-life, its also very graphic and dramatic! ❤😄

    I may well have been the Narrator here, especially seeing as stage fright; which I strongly perceive in these beautiful lines, is easily one of my weakest and lowest points! 😁 And dare I say, but this is where the uplifting art of cheerleading comes in, to save the day and to restore confidence by warding stage fright far off! 😀

    ‘If you treat an individual as he is, he’ll remain how he is. But, if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and couldn’t be, he’ll become what he ought to be and could be; surmises Goethe! This quote breathes life to the line…’On your lips, I find the words…’ and its spot on too for the sole reason that ‘Words can be like X-rays if used properly-they’ll go through anything; you read and you’re pierced – Aldous Huxley!

    Moreso,’One’ is a very ‘big’ and massive number! Alphonse de Lamartine says, ‘Sometimes, only one person’s missing and the whole world seems depopulated’! Plus, as with stage performances or any type of public displays and presentations; though a hall be filled to overflowing, lotsa folks always tend to look out for that ONE special person who’s become to them like their Cheerleader and pillar of strength; once they mount the stage or podium! Once such a person’s spotted in the sea of eyes; they’re automatically energized to carry on and give the performances of a lifetime….putting their backs and hearts into it! Just. For. The. ONE! 😉😄

    I laud you on this one Doc, its very artistically inclined and best still, its a feel-good masterpiece, oozing of positive vibes and camaraderie! 😊😄

    So, this is the part I get into my elements and say to you as I’ve always done 😈😆….’You. Go. Bwoi, you do great always’! Write ye on! 😎😃

    I love the picture you painted with this beautiful piece Doc,


      1. Aw! 😣 And that was how ‘Schweetness’ assumed a new name….YOU! 😁

        Say no more Doc and thank YOU…pleasure’s all of mine!😄

        Plus, irregardless of whatever, bear in mind that this ‘show’….’gig’, MUST go on till you’re spent and utterly exhausted of all that’s in you! You must leave ALL on this stage and continue to allow for your passion to see you through even beyond that time that you’d catch your big break and clinch the grand prize!😇 You’re all the audience that you need…you’re all that matters, in the grand scheme of things! Thanks for having me here for always and a very Happy New Month to you and all of yours! 😉❤


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