your voice is a fading echo

I feel your hand slipping

I feel you drifting

I feel you sneaking

Away, one day

At a time. Time


And again, you swear

You are going nowhere

Say you are right here…


These days, your voice is a fading echo

Carried from afar by distant chilly winds

That reminds my heart to yearn for warmth…


I found you in the market, wandering between stalls

Displaying wares I had no taste for

You grabbed me by my heart

Didn’t let go


Words water the soil of the heart

Prepares it for seeds of love

You watered my heart but sowed no seed

My heart is caked and cracked


Break me with the plough

Run over me with the harrow

Ready my soil for planting

I have lain here fallow

For far too long.


2 thoughts on “your voice is a fading echo

  1. The analogy that are the market square and farmland makes for an excellent and absolutely distinctive imagery Doc! Added to that is the perfect line…’You grabbed me by the heart’! Its often said that anyone can catch one’s eyes but it takes someone special to capture one’s heart! This appears to be the situation holding sway right here! 😄

    Its amazing how the Narrator was won over, despite the lack of interest and taste for what was being peddled! And you’d think too that this experience would create and arouse in him a ‘buyer’s remorse’ type-feel; but he’s infact totally bought…..sold, on this one that he desires and yearns for more as is seen in the final verse! The Narrator’s desperation and vulnerability’s plenty palpable! 😎😁

    I love the somewhat reversal of roles and change of fortunes! How the table doth turn! Smooth! 😁

    Words can be pretty endearing especially for one who’s got a gift of the gab and knows one or two things ’bout turning up the charms and saying the right things! However, what will ultimately be most enduring are the actions that’d not only back up but breathe life to the words spoken! ‘You watered my heart but sowed no seeds’! Sowing zero seeds is tantamount to zero harvest, so the relationship’s ended…dead; before its begun!

    Moreso, ‘absence, says Thomas Fuller sharpens love, and presence strenghtens it’! Plus, a land left fallow and returned to has the capacity of turning and churning out an abundance of harvest in the fullness of time! ‘Your Voice Is A Fading Echo’ may perhaps present itself a blessing in disguise, cause oft times people need to fall apart to realize their need for each other and then fall back together again, no?😇😄

    A stunning work of art with spectacular imageries straight out the gate! Kudos Doc! 👉😁


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