Seven – a poem

I. Beginnings

The curtains open
To reveal tiny seeds.
Greatness is packed into
Molecules in little spaces
Little beginnings –
Little things
Little actions –
Create unending echoes
Chain reactions…

II. Severance

Severe the cord
Inflate collapsed lungs
Let in life.
This pain is good
This cry is victory.

III. The fence

The goat. The goat
It climbs the fence
Heads for the barn.

IV. Crying rivers

Cry me a river
Break these fever
Quench the anguish
The roaring inferno
Consuming my flesh

V. The garden

Put out the weed
In my garden
Let me touch the sun

VI. Penultimate

Six nights of darkness ends
The night is alive with stars
Specks of silver scattered all over
The black sequin dress of the sky
The moon is the queen of the dance.

VII. Perfection

Let me tell you of the number seven
It is the number of heaven.
Take a voyage across seven rivers
Pass the seven wonders
Unlock the seven doors of heaven
Behind them, you will find


Author’s note: Dedicated to a special girl, who turns seven today.


6 thoughts on “Seven – a poem

    1. Thank you dear Dr Swag.
      Read it again. and again… and again, and you may see it. or maybe not. Lol

      even the poet is struggling to understand the poem. you are not alone…


  1. The number seven’s always been a huge deal and ‘Seven’, tells a pretty compelling and intriguing tale of evolution….growing pains; spanning several phases in the circle of life! This bears a semblance with ’21’, a masterpiece of a poetic composition you did a little over two years ago!😀 The beauty in the letterings of the words lining all of the verses are too easy to see! A most worthy tribute too, sure to please the one for whom it was conceived..I should know! Dayum!!! 😁

    Thanks a whole lot Doc, for ‘You. Know. What!😉😄 And while we’re still on the issue of ‘Seven’; forget ye not ‘The Seven Seas’; for you can be plenty sure I aint one to bitch around and ’bout on something as serious as that! 😇😄I trust you follow and infact get my drift, yes?!😈😆

    God bless and keep you and all of yours Dr. Tope Ogundare; eseun ojo gbogbo! 🙇😄 Thanks again with lotsa love and hearts!❤😄


    1. thanks Yemie…see how colorful the poem has become now that your magic wand has touched it.

      as per the ‘seven seas’ I’m sorry, I do not get your drift. would you be a dear and refresh my memory? the cares of these life seems to be crowding out details – important details – from my memory space.
      thanks in advance

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm…I hear you! 😒The cares of this life’s just happened to rob you of having any foreknowledge of ‘Seven Seas’ you say Doc?! 🙉 How very convenient…rich! It beats me why I plain fail to believe you though?! 😩Coincidence huh? 😏

        Anyhows, am gonna have to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ on this one and sit it out! What that means is that your ‘Thanks in anticipation’, line won’t be flying on this very rare occasion! 😯 You’re just gonna have to go figure this one out on your very own and I’ll betcha; it’d come to you! Trust me! 😈😆

        Nice try Doc, REAL nice! Hmph! 😂


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