Erythropoiesis – a poem



I lose my nucleus

To carry



Soul-less, a

Descendant of


Stem cells


Interleukin-3 speaks to me

I become a member

Of a colony of

Heme-bearing horde


In 90 days I am formed

In 120, I perish

Betrayed by senescent membranes


I lose my integrity

Pass me down bile channels

To become salt


I live again

In the body of another

Here, in cancellous bone

I am a clone.


author’s note: This poem first appeared in the May/June 2016 issue of Pilcrow and Dagger.

image courtesy: Google images


2 thoughts on “Erythropoiesis – a poem

  1. ‘Erythtropoiesis For Dummies’, or shall I say ‘The Process Of Erythropoiesis Made Easy’! 😁

    I like what you did here Doc. But for the inclusion of the phrase..’A Poem’; one would probably think the piece was anything but. 😀

    Scholars and learners in the scientific field would most definitely find this beautifully laid out piece of poetry pretty helpful, as they get to grasp, master and understand this intriguing biological process at one glance. You totally simplified and painted a really clear picture of the process in very few lines!

    Plus, this also doubles as a classical case of pitching science against arts and its amazing everytime you’re able to pull off this…when these two, seemingly worlds apart; embark on a collision course type-thing as they come together, and the result….sheer brill! Kudos to you Sir! 👉😄


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