Dream wars

I am fighting –

My demons –


I have no reprieve;

Even in sleep

They find me

Hound me

Wound me

With my own thoughts,

No symbolism needed

Nor Freudian neologisms.

When my torment becomes too much

I awake,

To relive

My hell.


2 thoughts on “Dream wars

  1. So, since ‘Dream Wars’ dropped, I searched frantically, relentlessly…tirelessly; for a way out of this nightmare and hellhole the Narrator finds him/herself but no dice! 😔

    But then, one of the sayings of the ascerbically funny and witty Sir Winston Churchill pretty much came to mind; so here goes…’If you’re going through hell, keep going’! 😂😂😂

    Totally shutting down our minds and thought-processes is near-impossible! The Narrator oughta just muscle up some amount of courage and bravado, face up to his/her demons once and for all….confront ’em head-on; whilst also trusting in his/her inner strength to come out on top! One who wins the battle against self, is a real winner!😊😄

    A grim but beautifully composed piece; am absolutely feeling that ‘sci-fi-esque’ title! Many kudos Doc! 👉😃


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