Block 10

I lost my heart to blunt dissection

Watching the Cadaver –

Rigor Mortis

My heart detaching

Descending to my stomach

And out the mouth.

I watched my heart beating on

The slab of death

Through the hole in

Cracked Craniums

Earth’s reject

Science’s gain.

I played with the dead

Looked into soul-less eyes

Devoid of light and


I inhaled

The scent of death

It clung to me

Along the corridors, down

The walkway

To the Hall

Past the rooms

To the shower

Down the drain

Tomorrow, I go again

To the unburied dead.


image courtesy: Google


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6 thoughts on “Block 10

  1. These lines tell a pretty gruesome and gory tale….a macabre story of the inhuman and grisly fate, a good number of Jews were subjected to in ‘Block 10’, by a few vile and monstrous fellas who fancied themselves ‘Doctors’! The most despicable lots….depraved minds, ‘Cro Magnon’; to have ever walked the Earth! Shame!!!

    I guess it was a walk in the park for ’em to perform their ‘scientific experiments’ and torture; on fellow humans like themselves without a care; since they were lacking of hearts! The sheer cold-bloodness and calculatedness of their acts is mighty unfathomable….unthinkable, and as much as I hate to admit it…memorable!

    I love how you were able to take on the persona of the victims Doc, enough to speak through ’em and give ’em a voice! That’s simply sensational!

    You did push the envelope on this one Doc! Though its pretty harrowing….bonechilling, and my heart did stop…skip a beat; and my stomach sank alongside it, you did conceive and execute this one impeccably and its totally hard to miss! Sheer brill Sir! 💎💎💎😄


    1. Thanks Yemie
      interesting perspective too
      the multifaceted nature of poetry.
      this could easily be the experience of a newbie on his first day into the world of the dead.
      “lose my heart” as in liver cut…
      it could also be about a poet reflecting on the lives of people that end up as cadavers in morgues, unclaimed and rejected but they serve a far more important role as “science’s gain”


  2. Seems to me like the tale of a student of medicine who just watched or performed his first dissection. Pretty gory tale…aptly worded too.


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