We set sail at Dawn

Aboard Life’s ship

Catching the wind of Fate

And bounding on the waters of


At once the curtains fall

Over the clear blue sky

And the yellow Sun’s rays

Turn gray –

Pale as death

The sea rises to greet it’s

Twin companion from the firmament

The wayfarer is helpless and hopeless

Holding on for dear life

At the mercy of Nature’s whims

Eternity lapses in a moment of time

And the curtain is drawn back

Sol steps out to act its part

In the tragi-comedy tale of Existence

And is greeted with the applause of relief

As winter’s storm becomes a fast fading

Memory – a midnight nightmare

Remembered faintly the morning after

Such is our voyage

A symphony composed

Of crescendos and decrescendos

We reach the shore at Dusk –

The harbor where it all ends,

Where we tell tales of tears and triumph


6 thoughts on “Odyssey

  1. The ‘Life’s a journey’ maxim is excellently captured and depicted in ‘Odyssey’! The analogy of one at sea…a sea-farer; setting out at dawn, (at the time we’re born) to sailing and arriving at their destination at eventide (when we’re old and grey) amidst all of the favorable and unfavorable climatic changes and weather conditions recorded during the course of the journey; is totally spot on Doc!

    Plus, the imageries are very fitting! As with life and its uncertainties; the unpredictability of the weather at sea especially when a tempestuous storm or gale arises suddenly and begin to rage without any prompting, thereby catching the sea-farer unawares and he has none option than to ride the tides in his bid for survival!

    The use of musical notes in portraying the highs and lows we experience during our sojourn on this planetary plain works plenty! Our tears and triumphs against all odds pretty much just sums and wraps it all up!

    Great thinking Doc, you got this perfectly figured out! 😂😂😂

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  2. I absolutely love reading you…your words are usually steepedin erudition and passion…so emotive…Through the storms we keep our eyes peeled looking for the slightest glimmer of sunshine…That is what keeps us going…..


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