Splinters of my shattered
Heart pierce the
Delicate skin of my hand
As I bend to pick up the
Shards strewn all over
The room;
Tear drops of blood
Travel down broken
Skin to mingle with the pool
Of blood, tears
And mangled flesh;
Yelps of pain escape
Trembling lips, chapped and
My body is a map drawn
With blood and sores; 
Words ricochet in war torn
Cerebral ridges
Images explode
In collision
And echoes in shimmers
Of blinding light
I am blind
And at once deaf
Then I die
To you,
To pain
To misery
To dreams
That haunt
And hunt happiness


15 thoughts on “Ricochet

  1. Through the grisly picture painted here, my highpoint takes flight at the phrase ‘Dead’, rising and peaking through the ranks in subsequent lines and reaching a climax in ’em final lines! A composition I find totally different from what you’d normally do Doc! Not bad at all, for one who claims the title of ‘Darkheart’! *tsking 😈

    ‘Ricochet’ is pretty reminiscent of that hit song titled ‘Titanium’, by the most talented David Guetta and the amazing Songstress Sia! The lyrics…
    ‘Am bullet-proof, nothing to lose
    Fire away, fire away
    Ricochet, come take your aim
    Fire away, fire away
    You shoot me down, but I wont fall
    I am Titanium…..’

    Though the lines appear like the Narrator’s totally done in and strung out, I love how he/she made a most dramatic ‘comeback’! Its not all bad news afterall; through all of the turmoil…blood, tears, struggles and toil; there’s something good to be said….of a victim, once vanquished; becoming a survivor….a victor! Love the twist in the tale Doc….peachy! 👊😂

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    1. I am almost touching the ground…then my tongue and lifting the finger heavenwards…I am almost tilting my head to an angle and swearing that in the blogosphere.. YOU ARE QUEEN…..AND NO ONE DOES COMMENTS LIKE YOU…..NO ONE IS ABLE TO TAKE POSTS TO PIECES…ENTER THE MIND OF THE WRITER AND DECIPHER ALL THE ENCRYPTED MEANINGS….NO ONE ALMOST TURNS COMMENTS INTO THE SUBJECT POST…..NO ONE!!! PEACHY!!! (that should sound familiar)….Blogosphere….I looked all over …couldn’t find nobody….nobody like YOU!!!….Phew…..

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      1. Dr Swag!
        I almost touched the ground with my finger, then my tongue and raising my finger skywards with head titled backwards, swear that, no one has ever captured the essence of Yemie and described her so accurately, using the right words to paint the perfect picture….
        You are so right on the money!


    2. Lol!
      Thanks Yemie…Darkheart has been infected with optimism, and contaminated by YOU!

      You are in the spirit my dear, that song inspired the title. After brainstorming for several moments, the word ‘ricochet’ literally leaped out the lines- after reading the poem for like the tenth time, seeking a suitable title, and playing with several titles that fell flat- struck a chord, got the song playing in my head, and then I knew I had gotten the perfect title.


      1. And perfect it is Doc, I mean that title and that’s besides those lines you reeled out that reads like a masterpiece! Check this out….’Darkheart has been infected with optimism and contaminated by YOU’! D-DANG! I see Heaven! 😆😆😆


  2. Hi Topazo, I like this poem very much. Thank you. It tells me to forget any pain that is not constructive and go look for my happiness. Thank you bro. Hello future, here I come!


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