Curtain Call

The last scene has just ended and there is a moment of silence. In that moment, the heart pumps out thoughts that enter the mind with a whoosh and swirl around, stimulating reflections. Then the curtains fall, and the applause follow.

The actors bow and leave the stage. It is the end.

Sometimes, the applause is replaced by boos and angry cries, and there are plays that leave the audience with tears in their eyes.

It is the last scene in 2015. The curtain has fallen.

It is over.

The year is going out with applause on its trail.

We look forward to 2016, with barely concealed excitement and building anticipation. A new adventure looms and we are itching to start the hike. We can’t wait to start exploring the new year and commence the treasure hunt.

Let us not forget to build on our strengths in the new year, and carry over the lessons learnt in 2015. Let us not define ourselves by our weaknesses and failures. No matter the challenges that threw us in 2015, let us enter 2016 with optimism, hope and high expectations. And praise, of course.

I thank all the readers that stayed throughout the year on the blog, especially those that dropped a comment here and kind words there. Those comments went a long way to keep morale up.

To guest writers that shared their works on my blog, Inkheart, Amity, Julianah, Dr Swag and Yemie, you added color to an otherwise drab canvass. I am grateful.

Let us do it again in 2016.

Happy New Year in advance.


9 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. …aaand ’15’s a wrap! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    ‘Curtain Call’, as the final scene ends and its back to the old drawing board for the making and unveiling of yet another Spectacular Blockbuster…a timepiece, entitled ‘2016’ that’d go down in history as being the best ever, as have never been seen, had or experienced IJN, AMEN! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚

    The Z Channel as a canvass, is everything else but drab Doc! But that’s just me and we only see what we wanna right Doc?! πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜†

    Happy ’16 to you and your household Sweets! May all of the goodness and blessings, as many as are loaded in this pregnant year find and locate you; even as all of the sadness, sorrows and gloom programmed therein; elude you and all of your adorables IJN, AMEN! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

    Thanks for having me on this glorious haven Doc and for all times too! My ’15 rocked for the reason you were a huge part of it! May the new year usher you into more creativity and bring you a tad closer to seeing your dreams and aspirations come to fruition in the fullness of time! Write and rock on Sweets; you know you oughta! β€πŸ˜‚


    1. Thank you Yemie dearie…you make this ‘haven’ sizzle and dazzle with colors sublime…

      Happy New Year to you, and to your delightsome duo! I pray that you will laugh really hard everyday of this year…you know the kind that comes from a belly full of Joy, and dreams come true? Yea, that kind.

      Once again, you opened the year on this ‘haven’…Aren’t you just the bestest of the best! Thanks a Mil


  2. Just reading because I’ve been off radar.
    Blessed and Fulfilling New Year to you and all of us Topaz.
    Thanks a lot for making 2015 wonderful.
    Looking forward to greater 2016.


  3. Just reading this. Thank you so much Dr Topazo.
    2015 was bumpy but to God be the glory.
    2016 shall be better by God’s grace.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a friend too.
    God bless you and yours.
    You shall experience increase in all areas of your life.
    Cheers to the new year.


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