Journey to Freud

When you reach down

Through the haze of melancholia

Into the aching chasm of emptiness;

When words fail to illuminate

The roiling waves,

The molten magma on mount


When Danger sends mixed signals –

Uncertain alarms sound

From the bugle;

When pain is diffuse,

Plays hide and seek in the backyard

Of the mind;

When signs are unspecific

And diagnosis is unclear;

When exploration into the depths

Yields nothing;

When the rivers of Freud

Becomes murky;

When the sign posts point nowhere

And road maps lead around in circles;

When emotions are not defined

And feelings are effervescent;

When Sadness pays an unexpected visit

And comes unaccompanied by Loss and Grief;

When the sun goes dim at noon

And day turns to night;

When gloom comes in unannounced

And meets a happy mess

All over;

When sense fails and logic stutters

In utter confusion;

When meaning is lost

And tears brim over the edge of dawn;

When the bucket fills and spills over

Forms a puddle;

Words come together in loose strings

From taut nerves

Belting out sounds in discordant frequencies,

Music only to the tone deaf

Whose ears are attuned to the timbre of pain

From dis-tuned instruments

Played in keys on disharmonic scales

Of chaos and cogitation;

Words that come in stutters

Of frustration and angst,

Wisps of dying words rising up

With the smoke from the chimney

On a cold wintry night

Warmed by the blazing heat

From the hearth

Whose light highlights

The silhouette of a lone man

Rocking on his heels

Wrapped in a cloak

Delicately spun from

Threads of misery

Eyes closed

Lost in the maze

Of his mind

Searching for a way out –

The way home.




5 thoughts on “Journey to Freud

  1. It is really A journey to Freud.
    A familiar journey for a melancholic.
    A well travelled path by the troubled mind.
    This is a very gloomy poem meant to be read in ‘the shadow’.
    Each line is rich in ‘disturbia’.

    Nice one Dr gloomy.
    I hope you drop a happy one tomorrow 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such beautifully sad lines.

    The further I went down the page, the deeper I got sucked into the gloom.

    One can identify with such sadness that comes sometimes unaccompanied with Loss or pain. Just plain, inexplicable sadness.

    Awesome penmanship.

    Cheers to the impending new year. 🙂


  3. These imageries are mighty enriching and pretty diversified, and through it all; everything boils down to one thing….anguish! You did great Doc and I can only borrow the witty but thoroughly meaningful words of the American Cowboy Will Rogers; my one kobo to the Narrator that states thus…’If you find yourself in a hole; (or a maze; a very difficult situation); the first thing to do is to STOP digging’! Perhaps by taking a time-out; things may just make a lil amount of sense! Perhaps! LOL

    Great going Doc, Dr. Freud woulda swelled with pride if he happened upon this beautiful piece from your stead! Shalom! LOL


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