Earth’s Seed

Yesternight, I felt the earth move.
I  felt her rotate round her axis.
Am I the only one who felt her move?
They say I am the earth’s seed. Aren’t we all her seed?
They say my veins and arteries  are locked within the her heart, like the oak tree’s roots embraces the soil.

Yesternight my ears heard her melodious voice calling out of the sonorous  emptiness of her kingdom.
I felt the Pain in her gentle call
My heart responded with a tremor
as the echo of her ‘hello’
Vibrated  through my being.
They say she is me in flesh
I say we need to care for her as she devotes herself to our existence

Written by Amity.

She blogs at

Many thanks to Amity for being a constant presence on The Z Channel all through 2015, for being a friend, an inspiration and for agreeing to be featured on my blog.


13 thoughts on “Earth’s Seed

  1. Wow! A most beautiful offering I’d say, of perfect lines reeled out by a true Naturalist….An Au Naturel! An original masterpiece….deep, insightful and pretty meaningful; giving credence to those popular lines we hear over and again when a life as we know it comes to a physical end on Earth, as demonstrated by the passing of a mortal man….’Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust, from the Earth we did emerge and to the Earth we shalt return’!

    So I pretty much understand where the Narrator’s coming from cause by showing and showering the Earth with tender, loving care; we’re ultimately doing ourselves a huge favor as all of that love would eventually flow and find its way back to us….glorious or inglorious dusts…..our call! LOL

    Thanks for sharing Amity, this totally smarts! LOL

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    1. Thank you so much for your insightful comment goddess of words. You raided my mind well.
      According to researchers, “Humans are eating away at our how life support system and are shifting Earth into a “new state” that is becoming less hospitable to human life”.
      I think we are being unkind to mother earth for her hospitality. She is the essence of our existence and like you rightly said to her we shall return when we die(dust to dust).
      It is only right to repay Her by reducing the amount of chemicals and poisonous substances causing her degradation.
      And when we think of it, we are not just killing her, we are killing ourselves.

      As we approach the new year, we should put it in our to do list to be kinder to the earth for our own good too.
      Thank you.


      1. Spoken like a true Crusader, a Frontliner pushing forward the ‘Going Green’ and organic initiative! I laud you Amity and that’s a most noble and worthy cause so I say accordingly….’Reduce, Re-use and ‘Recycle’, as have been promoted and propagated for years now! Things will get better…hopefully, as we strive harder to making the Earth a safer and more habitable place not just for ourselves; but for our children after us…the ‘generation-next’! Thanks again for re-awakening! Many hearty cheers! 😊😄

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