Harmattan Blues – III

Sahara spews its fury
Vendetta nursed in
Nurseries of bitterness;
It rises to its full height
And stretches forth its hand –
Bearing the scepter –
Woe to the enemies
Wounds –  Chronic ulcers
Allowed to fester
Rise to the fore
Hatchets buried


5 thoughts on “Harmattan Blues – III

  1. The beauty of poetic writing for me is how certain elements are brought alive when a Poet who knows his onions breathes life into ’em! I love how the Sahara Desert’s portrayed here as one seeking vengeance! Its fury’s made so glaring in these pretty compelling lines even as all comes to a head in the final word…’exhumed’! *quaking with fear* LOL

    Though sinister a poem as seen in ’em lines, you somehow did infact manage to paint a pretty perfect picture and nailed that title of choice too Sir! This visual’s absolutely picturesque! Too cool! LOL


    1. Awww…thank you ma’am.
      this poem mirrors the sentiment in some quarters about selective justice being used to punish individuals who had crossed the General at any one time in his past, before laying hold on the scepter…about digging up old grudges…
      In a way, it is both figurative and literal

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      1. Great thinking and it does smart too Doc, sheer brill! General- Sahara Desert, clamping and bearing down hard on his foes! Perhaps Daniel’s come to judgment or NOT! LOL

        Write and rock on Doc, you were made to do this….for this and you’re do it too well! LOL


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