Harmattan Blues — I

konga deals

shoes men


Lagelu groaned

Moaned, droned;

A thousand swords pierced,

Bruised his heart;

He took two steps forwards

Turned and took ten steps backwards.

Yesterday, the drums boomed

The dancers pirouetted

The larks sang

Songs of victory



Today, the wind –

Whirlwind –

Is blowing

Dust into his eyes;

Harmattan – the Northeastern wind

Wrath of the Sahara.

His lips are chaffed

His skin cracked;

Petrol – eum

Jellies are scarce

The wells are dry.



4 thoughts on “Harmattan Blues — I

  1. That title’s kinda ‘groovy’ and ‘right’; for such a time as this…I like! 😃The drama captured herein with Lagelu’s combatic forward and backward movements is pretty appealing and your throwing in of the Petroleum Jelly in what ought to be a warfront or battlefield, a place of serious business….I find totally comedic….hysterical! 😆

    Should be real interesting to see how Lagelu the warrior confronts the elements to emerge victorious in the second part! One thing’s certain though…..he can’t wade through that warzone with the elements of nature with mere swords and combatic expertise! So, then what?! Lotsa wisdom would be needed on this one! 😂😂😂

    Great going Doc, even amidst the raging battle, you still employed some amount of wits to play down on the gravity of happenstances! I laud you Sir, thumbs up! 😎😊


    1. Lagelu isn’t on the war front.
      He is depicted here pacing,with a heavy heart.
      The swords are descriptive of the pangs in his heart.
      He is bemoaning a change in fortunes.

      Lagelu, the great warrior, typifies Nigeria, that seems to be going forwards but somehow we are moving backwards.

      The “petrol-eum” refers to petrol scarcity ravaging the country..

      “The oil wells are dry”


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