Red Giant

Words used to fly around here

Fairies on wings, blue pixie dusts

Weaving magic, warming hearts;

Men walked by here, their arms

Holding a lady’s – swaying to the adjectives;

The ball was the grandest,

Wits and peals of laughter floated around

Men bowed and the ladies curtsied,

The melodies matched nimble feet

Gliding gracefully across the floor.


People used to live here

A galaxy of rhymes and rhythm,

Filled with wordsmiths;

Maestros of the pen and ink

Weaving their quills, bringing words to life;

Artists splashing canvasses with colors –

Shades of red, green, blue and gloom;

Here the butterflies roamed wild,

Flushed faces the norm;

The sun shone with intensity, and the winters

Were as dreary;

Here, life was birthed and alliances forged.


There used to be a star here, burning bright

In the darkest of nights;

Here energies collided and created a force field

Of intense chemistry;

Nuclear chain reactions that seemed endless

Generating heat that sustained the life growing within it;

Here, a haven was created, for wandering souls

Adrift the vast expanse of the blogosphere;

This here was a supernova,

Burning brightly for a brief moment

Before fading into oblivion.


Image Courtesy Google

Shoe week



4 thoughts on “Red Giant

  1. This a very cleverly concocted piece brimming with nostalgic feelings of fond memories, which is the ‘Sweet’ part, and a seemingly absence of the ones who created those moments that brought love, life and light to the ‘Red Giant’ that’s ‘TZC’; thereby easily constituting the ‘Bitter’ part!

    The title, imageries and analogies employed here are simply startlingly stunning….sterling and stellar with an amazing star, astral quality….all that this glorious haven represents and then some; excepting the fact that true stars don’t rust or fade away into oblivion as the Narrator surmises, they may just burn out a teeny-tiny bit for awhile! Albert Schweitzer asserts that ‘Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being’! So its not all bad news really, the good times will roll by again; we just gotta hang in there and be expectant! 😊

    You did more than great with this piece Doc, its wayyy out there, in a class of its own….from Astronomy to Chemistry and then back to Literature and Arts, Wow! Loved the Ballroom Dancing depiction of the Ladies and Gents…very Victorian and pretty enchanting! You’ve got many sides to you and that’s just incredible! Write on, you so must; Cheers! 👉😄


    1. I read this, and…i can’t explain the feelings it evoked.
      Thank you.
      Stars do burn out, old stars reaching the end of their lives increase in size and lose their lights – they are called ‘Red Giants’. Every star has an end….such is the way of life.
      What will be truly sad is burning out too soon – in the prime of life.

      I loved the way you broke down the poem and analyzed the various elements and parts, and the theme. You will make for a great reviewer and judge of writing contests. I hope you are ‘discovered’ soon.

      Yems n ems…TZC celebrates you! The writer celebrates you…you are a rare gem. You are the star…please don’t burn out soon.


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