I remember a time when my house was your haven

The colors soothed your mood;

There the harsh glare of the sun was shut out

And the cloak of your machismo was shed;

There, you could be vulnerable

And comfortable.

I watched the soft rise and fall

Of your bosom many a time

And read your dreams –

Dreams of bliss riding on contented sighs;

You knew that I knew –

I was the man of your dreams

Watching you whilst you dreamt of me.

I remember a time when I was your safety net

The one you trusted

Trust – hard worn

Proven over time

Kilned in the oven.

I remember –

In the middle of the most mundane task –

How happy I was.



8 thoughts on “Trance

  1. Through changing feelings, severed ties, and relationships going awry, one thing remains constant….our memories! Fully comprising of those precious moments and time spent during the period the relationship was alive, in full swing and filled with endless promises!

    Memory’s the treasure and guardian of all things! When we hit rock bottom, its got that tendency to keep us afloat just reliving ’em as our loved ones fully lives on in ’em and in the deepest recesses of our hearts! ‘Trance’ brings these alive…. a bittersweet symphony; but isn’t that what life is as Verve sang it?!

    Great going Doc, those lines are reeled out prettily and they evoke such strong emotions as the Narrator battles to make sense, where it all went wrong! Nice!!!


    1. Brilliant review Yemie!
      However, memories are terrorists…spreading melancholia and awakening buried feelings, raking up dust of hurts….
      Thank you so much for always taking the pains to air your thoughts….such dedication! you are a rare gem…


  2. Topaz.
    You alone know how to pull the heart’s string.
    When to pull
    And where to pull
    Plus the amount of pressure to apply….
    I duff ma gele sire


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