Beauty-is-not-flowless-It-Shines Your flaws do not disfigure you, it adds beauty and uniqueness to the work of art that is you. They are those characteristics about you that set you apart from the rest. flaw Your flaws do not disqualify you, it prepares you to the tasks set out for you. Flaws attracts grace. “For the weaker vessels are bestowed much glory” images Your flaws are like threads intricately woven into the quilt of your life, delicate patterns of beauty and glory; you can’t and shouldn’t run away from them, you should acknowledge them, and allow the maker to use them to suit His purpose. You are created for a purpose and everything you will ever do and everything able you works according to divinely orchestrated plan for His praise and glory. Your flaws are tools in the hands of the master. imagesDLBB2D1C Stop focusing on your flaws, stop allowing them to make you feel less and unworthy, don’t let them make you think less of yourself, avoid the low self-esteem. You can do great in spite of your flaws, you can achieve heights unimaginable. Your flaws are not and should not be drawbacks or hindrances. They are meant to be stepping stones, and that is how you should view them. Whatever dream and aspirations you have, don’t jettison them because you feel incapable or unworthy, run with it. You can achieve them all. images067I9MT0 Never listen to that negative voice that tell you “You think you can do that?” “Are you worthy of this?” “Are you fit or qualified to take this on?” The answer is yes to all of them. Do not think those thoughts, and if they come, pay them no heed. No, do the opposite. Prove them wrong. images6H6W2D99 It’s going to be hard, you are basically fighting against yourself, and that is the toughest war to fight! You are your own worst enemy and unless and until you fight and win against that enemy within, you won’t be able to succeed and move forward. imagesX72EUKK2 Nobody can make you feel bad if you don’t already feel bad or have doubts about yourself. In fact most times what people say or do to us that gets to us are those things we believe deep down or those we have doubts about. Thus when they say those words, they are saying aloud the thoughts we have been thinking and struggling with. imagesS7V58QL2 Thus, the change starts from within. In the mind, our thoughts, our self-appraisal and self-worth. It’s time to start looking inwards and to start working on our thoughts and our perception about ourselves. Β  Β 

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4 thoughts on “Flaws

  1. A pretty inspirational and uplifting article, perfect for a Monday morning and sure to get one’s engines ‘roaring’, revving and just raring to go and take on the world! You go Doc, these admonitions and those captions are winners….highly motivating and totally liberating! πŸ‘‰πŸ˜†

    I also couldn’t agree more, we mortals are first and foremost spiritual beings and our minds are a powerhouse! Everything we do flows from therein…..’If we can think it, we can do it’- Walt Disney! Plus, In the teachings of buddha, its believed that all we are, and all that we’ll ever be; emanates from deep within our minds and thought processes…..’What we are infact, are what our thoughts made us’! So beyond the tangible flaws we perceive and see in our physicalities, the superficial stuffs; those ingrained in our minds are the real danger! They cripple us and render us utterly useless….worthless! Show me a man who has achieved a renewal and re-orientation of his mind and his thought process, and I’ll show you someone who’s won the battle over self! His potentials in accomplishing all that he sets his mind to is absolutely limitless! He’ll do great exploits and shine….dazzle! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š

    Thanks for sharing Doc, cheerleading looks mighty good on you! Go. Go. Cheerleader!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€


  2. This is so so inspiring.
    I felt like it was directed at me specifically.
    I so love this.
    Thank you Topaz for always being wonderful. And for always knowing what to say at the right time…


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