Night Lights

I am your knight

I have no armor though;

In the night,

When the lamps burn low

I will be your light;

When you lie down by the meadow,

I will be there, never out of sight

Glowing softly, guarding you;

When the cold winds blow,

My heat will wrap around you tight

Like a warm blanket;

When you open your eyes,

From dreams that give you fright,

I will be there to rock you, and sing to you

Lullabies of a brave knight riding a white

Horse and driving away the evil hordes;

When you cower in fear at the towering height

I will be there to hold your hand

And help you as you climb;

When you are sad, and mulling your plight

I will show you the strength within you

And the power hidden inside your core;

I am your knight

I wear no armor

Perhaps, that is why you do not see me.


8 thoughts on “Night Lights

  1. This composition’s got ‘The Wow Factor’ written all over it like…D-Dang! From that beautiful title, pretty reminiscent of a super fun series on TV entitled ‘Friday Night Lights’, to those ‘glowy’ magical lines…..Sheer Brill….Bedazzling! 🌟🌟🌟

    Those lines are so mighty romantic, they titillate; that am getting kinda hectic inside, I am! *fanning self* 😈😆

    Every girl needs a Knight in Shiny Armour! He needn’t be macho, adorned in any special garbs or anything, we’re simply just satisfied with our Knights being themselves, as long as they love and cherish us; that’d do just fine! Plus, Guardian Angels aren’t exactly visible are they?! But we know they’re there, we feel their presence and we’re plenty reassured!😊😄

    This right here grabs and you Topsman, are an headliner atop ma page for always! You bring the art of loving and romance soo alive and effortlessly too! Awestruck…Moi! Well done Sir! 😇😄


  2. Rhythmic
    Breathtaking words of art.
    I hardly enjoy poems. But I never get tired of reading yours.
    Beautifully spurned words of poetry.


    1. Thanks Jules…
      ironically, I am not a poem person too…yet somehow, I find myself writing poems….
      give me fiction and I am down any day…
      I am honored that you still find time to read poetry cos of me…it means a lot Jules


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