Simi’s “Tiff” is playing softly in his mind as he stares at the TV. The wall clock reads 10:05pm, and the re-run of the Nigeria- Cameroun international friendly match is on.

He thinks of her; of sending her a message on BBM.

“Hi baby” that is the opening line he thinks to use.

I want to call you baby

Those lines seems apt. He really wants to call her ‘baby’. He knows he can’t, however.

He shouldn’t.

It would be unfair to her.

Sing you a lullaby…

His artistic mind takes over.


I want to call you baby

Sing you a lullaby

I want to hear you sigh

As you ride the tides of my voice

And sail towards dreamland;


I want to watch your eyelids flutter

And tuck stray hair from your eyes;

I want to hear you call my name

In that realm between wakefulness and slumber;


I want to hold you tightly and call you mine

Laugh deliriously, intoxicated with love

Feel my stomach churn and knot

As my heart beats wildly and my chest

Constrict, taking in the sight of you;



I want to be giddy with pleasure

Be happy

With you, I am happy

You give me butterflies baby


She is restless. She tosses on her bed, and checks her phone every minute.

She thinks of him. She likes him.

A lot.

And he likes her although he tries to hide it, but she has caught that look on his face many times. The look of affection and longing; the look of one admiring something they wished they had but cannot get.

Her phone beeps. She jumps at it and with a quick swipe opens her BBM.

It is not him.

She pouts.

Why has he not pinged?

She flops on her bed and groan aloud.

She misses him.

A thought crosses her mind and she smiles. She picks her phone and type a message, her heart pounding with excitement and fear.

Her hand hovers over the ‘send’ button and she hesitates.


His phone ring.

It is a BBM message.

“Hi Boo”

He freezes.

His eyes widen and then the butterflies return in droves, fluttering and swarming with frenzy in his tummy.

Baby, butterflies, girl you give me butterflies….the line plays over and over in his mind


”Hi baby”

She reads and smiles, a broad smile.

She sighs and type a reply.

Something new has just begun, and it is exciting.


8 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Oh my word!
    I love this to bits
    Hehehe . She took the bull by the horn while he was slacking(jellyman).
    I could romance his artist mind though 😜😜😜😜. He’s got the flow. Those butterflies sure brings out the ‘solomon ‘ in him.
    Nice one Doc.


  2. Oh la! I can just feel the excitement as is being felt by the ‘He’ and ‘She’ in this sizzler! This, and you Doc are ‘Uber-Cool for shizzle! I mean, enough of sadness and gloom already; about time too….Eish! 😂😂😂

    I adore this artistic masterpiece already! I mean, what’s not to love?….Lullabies, Poetic Lines and Letterings, two hearts a-longing of which one’s an insomniac, music especially that by Simi and ‘Tiff’ is a personal favorite by the way and BBM! This greatly seduces and is soo fancy like new school! Its happy dappy, just the way I like it, lacking of Gloomie’s morbid twists! 😈😆

    Way to go Doc, romantic tales look pretty stunning on you! Am totally enamored by this piece and those poetic lines….they simply just killed me….dead and I blame you….’Ladykiller’ or shall I say ‘ Chick Magnet’! 😆😆😆


  3. This is way nice! Bro…there is a new level and depth to your creativity these days and it is quite heady….It is apparent this is not business as before. Bro…you sure you are a doctor of the mind and not the heart??? You seem to be way versed in the art of love, the mechanics of it…cool stuff…


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