Welcome to Hell

This is hell –

A place of blackness and melancholia,

Anguish and pain,

Tightened chest and tear bogged heart;

Longing and sorrow

And perpetual despondency;

A state of internal turmoil

Wondering how Eden turned to Sheol

How the sweet nectar of love morphed

Into Vinegar and Myrrh;

A palace filled with mirthless laughter

And bland delicacies,

Where feasts are filled with sniffles

And the skies are always gray;

It is a heart mourning for its beloved –

At once angry and sad,

Feeling warmth at fond memories

And cold at the loneliness it brings;

It is clarity at what really matters

And regret at the deeds left undone –

Words swallowed, decisions undertaken;

It is helplessness at the finality of a situation

That cannot be fixed –

And the messy trails at any attempt to;

It is the inevitability of a future of gloom.

This is the place where broken hearts live

And true love is interred,

Welcome to Hell.


31 thoughts on “Welcome to Hell

  1. Whoa! Welcome to Hell by ‘really’??? 😩How very morbidly rich Doc…the horror! Jeez!😞😒

    Whyever does this gory monsterpiece remind me of another titled ‘Damaged’ though?! And to think I was actually under the mistaken belief that Gloomie had been laid to rest like eons ago?! Oh Wow! 😢😔

    This is a deeply saddening composition! The line….’True love’s interred’, both struck and stunned me dumb! That’s bone-chilling, gripping…..horrific! ‘Love never dies a natural death, it dies cause we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness, errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings’; in the words of Anais Nin!

    When a relationship’s at an all-time low and is on a fast track to Hell, the onus is on the parties involved to do ALL; to salvage it! Egos must be kept aside and compromises must be reached! Ultimately, sacrifices must be made; before all hell breaks loose and the partnership’s jeopardized! Every kinda liaison needs work, a lotta work! Falling in love’s easy, staying in love on the other hand….that’s real tough!
    Hopefully, the one who’s relocated to Hell, will not dwell therein perpetually and the light at the end of this tunnel, supposing it aint the bottomless pit kind; will come shinning through! 😊😄

    This is gotta be the most unsettling piece I’ve read since coming on to these plains Sir; terror becomes you, but even at that; emotions bow to Your Royal Sadness! Salute! 😈😆


    1. True words Yemie…you are absolutely correct.
      I think this here — this love the narrator talks about is long dead and cold; ain’t coming back
      thanks for the kind words…they mean a lot. and you mean a lot (this is me, fanning the flames of our literary love affair *wink)


      1. Owkay! That sure as heck takes the pressure off of me…..Phew! 😑For a moment there, I became like a little girl, who’d just lost her Lollipop right in the middle of a Candystore! 😩The off-chance of that happening though…..’Dont. Even. Ask’. 😈😆

        Plus, it also checks out that not only is Gloomie STILL alive, but the Eternal Mischief Maker’s here too! 😯 I mean, ‘fanning the flames of our Literary Love Affair’?! 😨Clueless! 😕😩
        Plus, if that be the case, then permit me to ask this ‘Partner’……’Are you playing the fields or playing for keeps’?! 👿😆 ……aand you thought you were the ONLY mischievous one ei?! Wellll, think again….Doc! Bwahahahahaha! 😂😂😂

        Anyhows, amma just go adorn and rock ma blinders 👓👓👓😎 like ‘Windows…… I can neither see 🙈 nor hear 🙉 you! Scamper off from here and quit with the wisecracks! Prankster! 👿😆

        I know Doc, and you mean so much more…..as thou knowest by seriously! You go bwoi, nothing do you! 😉Mwah! ❤😄


        1. Only a fool will have you and still go looking outside!
          You are the embodiment of all a man needs!
          So, baby gurl, I am playing for keeps….if you will have me that is.


          1. Oh Wow! And I REALLY thought I was mischievous! Yikes!!! 😂😂😂

            You win Doc! However do I top that?! 😔😭

            Playing for keeps huh?! Need I say S.O.L.D then?! As in BOUGHT Hook, Line and Sinker!!! GBAM! However could I say nay?! You. Are. A. Keeper, Doc! Finders keeper, losers weepers! Y’know?! 😈😆😂


              1. Hahahahaha! LWKMD! Nothing’s changed then huh?! Mischief Unleashed!!!!😂😂😂

                Oh well, looks to me like a foregone conclusion already….a decision cast and set in stone! 😕😣
                There’s nothing more to be said then ‘Partner’, perhaps besides….’So help us gawd’?! 😈😆


                    1. Paradise on Earth?! Need I say its official then and something’s definitely NOT right here??? 😐😯

                      So, am now back to being that innocent, naive lil gurl who loses her Lollipop right in the middle of the Candystore! Who woulda thought?!😞😒

                      When something’s not as it seems and does come across as wayyy too good to be true, chances are they are……too darn good to be true! 😦😩

                      Plus, when a Maestro, who seems to have a certain morbid lustful fascination with gloom, fully accompanied by his lil band of misfits…..his muses, wades into ‘Blogloomsville’; with his ill-wind, throws his weight around in the process and begins playing the music of mayhem, misery and melancholy and yet speaks of Paradise on Earth….nothing seems to be add up! 😡😟

                      I got suckered and reeled in for a lil bit…just! What are you on about now Gloomie?! Why are you making nice with Cheerful huh?! What’s your gameplan?! What’s the catch?! Pray tell! Do you even dare ‘Partner’?! 😈


  2. There is no game plan or catch sweets…just me and you in our world of bliss. You said “welcome to heaven” and I qualified it with “paradise on earth”. That’s all…
    So what do you say? Me and you…in our blissful bubble, alone, for ever?


    1. *still pensive* Its absolutely natural as Cheerful, for me to say ‘Welcome to Heaven’, but totally scatter-brained for you, as ‘Gloomie’ to say ‘Paradise on Earth’! See where am coming from now then?! 😩The dots don’t connect! 😯😞

      BUT, I’ll just play pretend and bury my head into that blissful bubble; till the illusions are shattered and Gloomie’s right back to being himself; you know, that guy with the brilliant, volatile and combustible mix of sarcasm, mischief, hilarity and crazy wits! 😈😆 Till then, I say ‘Yay’ to You and I, alone, blissful bubble ati forever….whenever forever starts and terminates! 😈😂😂😂


        1. Touche Gloomie! 😂😂😂

          Then again, I didn’t exactly say to you that I had no ‘sarcastic bones’ in my body even as Cheerful did I?! Gotcha! Ha!!! 😈😆


            1. Nice one Gloomie, that’s exactly what am I was talking ’bout! Thanks for revealing yourself in your full sarcastic and mischievous glory! You vibrant piece of delightful trouble You! 😈😆

              You can only put up a thinly veiled facade for soooo long, before you’re had! And at this point, I’d define sarcasm or maybe mischief as we both being a ‘Match made in Heaven’! I smh for you, Silly Nilly! 😩😒


                1. Hehehe! I see what you’re on bout now Gloomie! Damn, I just got played at ma own game!😨 Keep the sarcasm coming Doc, its mighty refreshing, plenty seductive, almost believable but Yuck! 😈😆


                    1. Put a suck in it Mischief, I oughta just faze out like right now! 😏 Fare thee well Gloomie, us sha?! Lati ibo s’ibo?! Emi s’iwo, iwo s’opo waya! Onsokuso! Mo ti ja jinajina mehn! Akoba adaba, Olorun maa je ki n ri! Joker! 😂😂😂


    1. Ni kini?! E gba mi eyin ara blogosphere ke, e wa ra mi kale lowo Temitope Ogundare, ariii! 😞😒

      Ki la gbe, ki le ju?! Whatever are you talking bout now?! Nje mi o s’ile wo bayi?! Ki Oluwa fun alagbara yin ni suuru o! Howu! 😂😂😂


  3. This is one truly broken heart.
    A beautifully penned poetry dripping with sadness.
    You painted such a beautifully horrific picture with words.

    Nice one doc😊

    Wow! Gloomy at its peak!


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