Ruby Dreams

I had a dream last night

You were here,

You touched me,

Stroked and stoked the fire

Till it was blazing bright


I stood at alert

Each touch sending jolts

Of electricity to my heart –

Wildly beating


I took in the sight of you

Gleaming skin moist with sweat –

From the heat of the fire you lit

Your eyes reflected desire


I reached out and squeezed

Trailing my fingers down

And turning the fountain on

Felt the waters trickling


Moans were drowned in gasps of pleasure

I plunged

And startled awake

Heavy and aching


Now, I spend all of today

Living in a world that will never be

Piecing together the fragments

Of a heart broken anew


12 thoughts on “Ruby Dreams

  1. ‘Ruby Dreams’ impeccably portrayed…an illusion! A sweet misery of sorts of what should be, ideally but is so much more a far cry from what is….reality and can tend to have a far-reaching adverse effect; when the dream ends and the illusion becomes shattered! Can tend to leave one feeling so much worse off as seen in that last line…’Piecing together the fragments of a heart broken anew’….the horror! Not therapeutic in any way, a sure way to slip into depressi😕😯


  2. Topaz is on a mission to keep me feeling nostalgic…
    Incredible lines.
    Heart touching.
    Heart rending.
    Heart shredding.
    Heart shattering…


      1. You can say that again Topaz.
        It’s like love is on a mission to keep me sad all the time.
        I wonder if I’m never meant to fall in love.


          1. I’ve always fallen in love Topaz.
            Just with the wrong kind of guy.
            But I’m sure the right person will come along…


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