It is spring in my heart,

The memories of winter

Gradually receding;


The sky is blue,

The grasses sway to the

Light summer breeze;


The field is splashed in colors,

The air is filled with delicious flavors,

Nature is at its finest;


The birds sit atop the trees,

Their voices are in harmony

As they belt out a melodious symphony;


Only a glimpse of you,

And I am plunged into the depths

And I die another death.



8 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. The slow and gradual descent on to the dark side, the doldrums; from winter, to sprightly spring and then straight on to an avalanche or a blizzard if you may, in one fell swoop is darnright horrific! Such a grave degeneration, a massive transformation on an epic scale….seismic! Grisly by golly! 😐

    This situation, I can liken to a man plagued by an illness, perhaps terminal in nature but somewhere along the lines; his condition goes into remission, he’s rejuvenated and experiences a ‘rebirth’! He’s beginning to pick up the pieces of his life and all seems to be panning out well, till the ‘causative organism’ of his nascent condition creeps back in on him, when he least expected and he experiences a relapse! One he may never come out of as he ‘dies another death’…gruesome!

    Your use of imageries is fantastic Doc, with all going honky-dory as the Narrator goes through the motion, especially at the advent of spring; when it seemed the process of healing had finally wrapped! But then you dropped the bomb on us, announcing that all’s really not as it seems!

    Only love makes us hold on to what we shouldn’t! ‘Love is of all passions, the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses’- Lao Tzu! GK Chesterson asserts that there’s a road from the eye to the heart, that does not go through the intellect! ‘Love doesn’t need reason, it speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart asserts Deepak Chopra! While Anais Nin says not to seek the because in love, for therein; lies no reasons, no explanations and no solutions’! Must definitely be the reason why the hard-hearted revolutionist Napoleon Bonaparte opined that ‘the only victory in love is flight’! Just up and plain get as far enough away as your legs can carry you, or you’re toast! 😈😂😂😂

    Great job you did here Sir! You capture emotions in a surreal manner and your audience are left in awe of this great gift you embody! Keep rising, all the sweet way to the top……’Topsman’! A new appellation, ICYMI! 😤😎😉

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  2. Who dares to take us to such summits only to let go, letting us tumble all the way down to the doldrums, leaving us wondering like humpty dumpty if the possibility exists of being ever again put together? Only Topazo! Well done bro.

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    1. hehehehe…Mama Zee!
      I now agree with Dr Swag fully…the spirit of Yemie now doth dwell in thee!
      Well, Yemie would say that no matter the fall, we can always be whole again; and that nobody is indispensable and it is only God that we cannot do without…

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