I want to scream,

To hit something,

Anything but sit calmly

And smile;

A storm roils within,

Flashes of lightning

And the rumbling of thunder;

My heart is rocking to and fro

Struggling to stay afloat;

The sails are broken,

Fierce winds are raging,

I see red;

I want to shout

Pull at something


I clench and unclench my fists instead

And pretend to be interested

In words I can barely hear;

My mind is on a voyage

To the land of memories,

Bounding on the tempest,

Sinking and thrashing,

Fighting to survive the onslaught;

My chest cannot hold the passion

One moment more and the walls will

Wear a new coat of paint of what

Used to be me;

 So, I scream in

Octaves of pain and rage

High pitched and heart rending cries

Reverberating in lines and verses;

Emotions finding expression in words

Loosely strewn together – uncensored

Word salads,


And then there is silence

An uneasy calm

Before the next storm.

(c) zaphnathpaaneah



10 thoughts on “Catharsis

  1. This is both mindblowing and breathtaking Doc….pretty chaotic! I can actually feel the frustration of the Narrator as he/she unleashes raw emotions raging within on screen! The screen becomes the unwilling guinea pig or lab rat…..the scape goat and ‘she’ simply cannot complain! Double Wowzers Sir, you easily, totally rocked this! ‘Catharsis’ Ultra-Highly Defined’! D-Dang! 😎👊

    A lotta times its difficult to chew through the restraints and we struggle to keep our demons in, controlled! We wanna come out undone, uninhibited! The need to just burst loose and vent, to achieve a kinda release and respite! If one’s not well informed ’bout channeling those negative energies through a positive channel, like writing and letting it all out on screen for instance; one might just totally lose it and end up in some real serious trouble! 😈😆

    The tempo registered herein is very commendable….the rise and fall like the crest and trough of oceanic waves….the mood swings! ‘Word Salad’ huh?! Scrumptious! 😊😄

    This piece Doc, is a major hit; a masterpiece, just! Magnificent! 👏👏👏

    ‘Word Salad’!


  2. Uh-oh! Before the next storm. Hmm. This reminds me that as always, it’s not over until it’s really over -you know – that never-ending cycle of battles and victories and fights and conquests…Our prayer is to always win, though we know it doesn’t happen always but then that doesn’t makes us less of who we really are.

    I totally dig all the roiling and chaos and ‘cathartic’ climax doc. Thumbs up!


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