Heart in a car

I stood in front of the cream colored building

And saw her car from afar,

Without warning the dam broke,

Floods of emotion break free –

Pain and hurt,

Followed by longing and loss,

Aching emptiness and desire;

Pain takes on a life force

And chokes me;

I don’t want to hurt anymore,

But the ache won’t listen,

Once unleashed, it stays dumb;

I look around for a glimpse of her,

I don’t want to, but I can’t help it;

Does she feel this way?

Do I want her to feel this way?

She seemed fine the last time our paths crossed

But so did I – appearances are deceptive

I would know,

In my heart, it is snow

But my smile radiate warmth;

Maybe she is missing me too, I hope

But it is just a flicker

That dies quickly in the blizzard of melancholia –

It is not enough,

I want her warmth;

I shouldn’t, I know

Let her go, I must

But sometimes, love is barbed

And its hook are hard to remove;

And when it is off,

It leaves the heart in shreds;

It stays in and the heart bleeds out.

When love gets you,

It won’t leave you the same,

And when it leaves you,

You are never whole;

The ugly reality of the most beautiful thing

In life – love;

I have to go now,

But my heart I leave behind,

Right there, inside her car,

Beside her in the front seat;

I hope she sees me

When she opens the door

And I hope she keeps my heart safe.


11 thoughts on “Heart in a car

  1. Aw! This is such a lovely, very romantic and innovative composition, inspite of the volatile mix of nostalgia, anguish, pain and hurt the Narrator must be feeling! I love the concept ‘Heart in a Car’; that’s pretty cool and funky! 😊😄

    Nicholas Sparks says ‘The greater the love, the greater the tragedy; when its over’! So, I can understand how this must feel…only best imagined! Then again, Napoleon Hill surmises that ‘One who has truly loved, can NEVER lose entirely’! There are memories to take away and hold on to and moreso, to be able to love and show love in itself, is a divine gift! However, the most blessed of human kind are those people whose love is reciprocated, by their beloved! Afterall it is said, that to love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and be loved back in return……that is everything! Priceless, outta this world and the way it oughta be, in the grand scheme of things! 😃😇

    Great going Doc, sizzle ye on! You dazzled with yet another monsterpiece…..oh too brilliantly! Thumbs up buddy! 😂😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This one stirred my tear glands but brought out smiles at your masterfulness that suspended the tears…It is rare to see someone who writes with the delicacy of a quill yet wields the same feather like a powerful club…..you can write my brother…Geez!!!!!…..That dies quickly in the blizzard of melancholia – (mere mortals rarely pen words like this)….phew……


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