Without you

Without you,

The sky stays blue,

The sun shines still,

The wind still blows;


Without you,

The world never stopped,

Day and night still take turns,

The star still twinkles;


Without you,

Nothing has changed,

Time still ticks,

Life still moves on;


Only I am not a part of it-

Life is a still frame now,

Frozen in place,

Everything is the same,

Just like when you left;


It is still ten o’clock,

And the sun is just stretching,

Rising from its bed,

Cold wind seeps in through the windows;


I am stuck here,

Waiting for you,

Knowing you won’t come,

But waiting still;


That’s all I can do,

All I know I do,


Without you,

Breathing is painful,

It peels the scab on,

My bruised heart,

And it bleeds all over again;


Without you,

Love is toxic,

A bitter pill,

A nightmare,

It eats me up from inside out;


Without you,

I am not me,

I am waiting,

But I know you won’t come.


19 thoughts on “Without you

  1. Surreal
    And painfully painful.
    The longing for the soul mate that may never come.
    Love is just too painful.
    Real beautiful, but painful…


  2. Uh Snap! If it isn’t another tragi-tale from the stables of the ‘tabloid tattling tell-all’ that’s the Fantastic Z-Channel…. absolutely soul-ripping! 😩

    Paulo Coelho says ‘waiting hurts, forgetting hurts, but not knowing which decision to take is the worst of the suffering’! When a relationship as it were, begins to circle and seep down the drains, a realist knows best not to wait up, or dwell in self-denial, knowing pretty well that its about time to turn the pages and move on! Its sad, but it may well be the bestest decision yet!

    I applaud you Sir, this is unbearably cute a composition! It still beats me this ingenious knack you possess, for transforming the most hideous of things, to sensational stunners! This is drop dead gorgeous, I submit, for real! You go Doc! Plenty wowzers! 👏👏👏


    1. Finally, it arrives! The comment I was looking forward to

      First, why all the surprise about the poem? you were the one that dubbed this haven ‘Gloomie’. What else were you expecting?

      I totally agree with you…sometimes, letting go is the way to go, painful though it may be.

      thanks for the kind words once again…if only…erm..Thank you again


      1. Mind me not Gloomie, was totally spazzed out on reading this amazing post; that I practically just forgot ’bout your seemingly notoriety as it applies to concocting deeply saddening but masterful ‘monsterpieces’! Pardon my hang-ups will ya?! 😈😆

        And bout this…. ‘erm’ business, I don’t suppose you’d break the ice as regards that will ya?! ‘Evasiveness King’?! 😞😒


  3. i enjoyed reading this. I really do😊
    Take a mind-trip back to where he or she left 😊
    They await you there. Your heart will there be healed #amitysaysso


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