The sound of silence

The sound of the silence, a deafening echo

As shards of broken heart strike the blood soaked earth;

Ripples of pain from tightened chest,

Shooting darts, ripping innards, spilling blood;

The bliss of sleep, ever elusive

The rivers of tears, never dry;

The gall of pleasant memories,

Demons cloaked in goodness, agents of torment

Parceled in attractive packages;

The whiff of ‘what ifs’

Taunting the senses;

The embrace of emptiness

The ache of longing;

The bland taste of ‘it’s for the best’

Leaving a bitter aftertaste;

The yawning chasm of bleakness

The blinding light of the darkness;

The pitter-patter of heart beat

And rush of blood to the face

At thoughts of a fresh blossom;

The ebbing wave of reality crashing

On the last vestige of hope….

The sound of silence, a deafening echo

Of numbing pain that won’t go away

Please, can you make it stop?




20 thoughts on “The sound of silence

      1. Lols. I hardly sleep at night o.
        Very rear before I get 6hrs sleep noninterrupted.
        And the earliest I sleep is 12 to 1am in the night. And usually up by 5-6.
        In fact, I want to learn how to sleep. Lols.


  1. Wow! This got a total rise outta me and I must confess its pretty outstanding! All of the lines, absolutely, poetically,enriching…..literarily! That title’s really pretty, ironically so and the story this tells, I can relate with! At the end of the day, life goes on and the sooner we make the best of our lots, the better for us! Its just what it is! Great effort you did put into this Doc, keep rising and shining! Plenty cheers! 😄😉


    1. Thank you loads!
      You are so right on the money; what we cannot change, we shouldn’t dwell on, sweat over or brood over!
      One should just move on, and look to the future, making the best out of today..


  2. Please don’t make this stop……deep fine lines this! DEEP FINE LINES….Brother, I love the way you weave words! Insanity beckons though if that crazy pain continues for the character above….It’s terrifying!


  3. Beautiful!
    You can make it stop
    Just listen more then you will hear the message in the silence.
    Silence in itself holds the key to healing… Listen beyond the deafening noise it makes.
    (Oh Amity, what are you talking about? 😊😊)


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